by | Sep 20, 2018 | Events, Networking

Festivals, Parties, Conferences, Meetups, Talks, Exhibitions, Presentations, Markets and Fair’s, wherever there is a gathering #hexology has the potential to transform it into a super-connected experience.

#hex is all about sharing, connecting and discovery, it empowers people with an ability to bring their online content into the world for people to discover. Imagine an event where everyone has a digital aura which I can pick up simply by being in their presence. Suddenly, all the information I need to find out who and what is around me is at my fingertips.

#hexology is the app that turns this vision into a reality. Woven into the fabric of the physical world is an untapped opportunity to create a wave of digital information floating in the air around you. We call it..


Who knows who or what you might discover!

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