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Today, Hexology proudly presents our new App Icon & Logo design which we will be rolling out in the days ahead. It’s true, our snap decision to re-brand was unexpected and in part, a response to Twitter’s recent image change and the negative associations with the letter ‘X’. Yet in reality, we were looking for an opportunity to express our evolution and project our corporate values and identity in a more authentic way, and this new App Icon and logo, enables us to put into words our vision for who we are, what we stand for and how we want to grow.

So we pounced on this opportunity to fundamentally shift our position in the digital media landscape and share with you a vision of Hexology, which our App Icon & Logo stands for.

In the beginning, back in 2015 when our chosen name Hexology was born, we believed it was good to use a letter from the Alphabet as our app icon, as it played directly into the Lexicon of Social Media companies that we all love and hate. As Hexology is all about empowering people to place digital content into a real physical location, the letter X seemed to be the perfect icon for us, after all “the letter X marks the spot.”

A New Class of Interaction Design

Hexology is not your a-typical Social Media platform. Although at a glance it may appear like one, Hexology is different. It is experiential, with a different kind of social interaction and etiquette. FaceBook, X and Linked In are distant relatives from an older era, even Threads feels out of date, whereas Hexology is born out of a new generation and it’s culture is still evolving.

In our eyes, the new app icon is:

  • Symbolic of an ecosystem
  • It is a flower of unfolding intelligence, an Ai, or even a location in place.
  • It is intricate yet iconic
  • It is beautiful and goes in opposition to anything I have seen coming out of silicon valley
  • It suggests nature and spirit instead of corporate ambition
  • It stands for individuality and seeks to empower you
  • It feels healthy, not toxic and in this respect it represents the spirit of a new generation
  • It inspires positivity and hope
  • It is a good registration marker and works well in animation

Ultimately, one look and you know this is hexology – just like the dropbox or apple logos – our new app icon absolutely connects with our user experience design and brand values.

Visit our share folder to access our press kit where you will find image files of our New App Icon & Logo.

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The Art of Hexology

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