The Art of Hexology

Public Space, Vision

Energising the world with a wave of digital content floating in the air around you, the art of Hexology is based on a combination of creative skill and the technology needed to post digital media into real physical locations – to enrich your experience of the world – connect with people around you and create peak experiences wherever you go!

Creating content in place enriches the world around us, but it also transforms public space into the heart of a community, making it an access point for cultural activity whatever your socio-economic class. Hexology has enormous potential to promote inclusion and fight social isolation, and to carve out channels of relatability and empathy between diverse communities..

More than technology | hexology is a movement

An innovative technology platform, Hexology is also a cultural organisation that seeks to build local community networks in an innovative way. Through experimentation and by listening to communities we are constantly expanding our commitment to produce, and enable others to produce, high quality content. A process that ultimately enables us to refine Hexology as a place that fosters responsible digital participation and social justice.

Building a national / global asset with Hexology

Investing in the creation of XR heritage content has the potential to build an open global asset: a spatial archive of community; a living and up-to-the-minute archaeology of cultural practices placed in context. Not to mention a new kind of platform for expressing and discovering talent, from hyper-local content creators to civic technologists and community heroes.

The more contextual the information, the more locally-relevant and relatable it is and the more powerfully it can change how we feel about our places. This is why location-based digital content can have such extraordinary impact. 

A kind of Digital Magic!

Connecting people through a shared experience they gain through the discovery of contextual content in a specific location – as they move through the world – without having to touch or scan a thing – is a kind of digital magic.

We use the word Hex, which means a charm or spell, as a verb to define the magical ability to post content into the world around you.

The name hexology was chosen to express the study and branch of knowledge and skills we are developing to empower us all, to enrich the world around you with digital content. We think of this practise as a craft and an art form we call #hexing. Use #hexology to:

  • Place digital narratives in real physical locations
  • Reach out an connect with the people around
  • Promote ideas, events and activities in a specific location
  • Build cohesive communities
  • Share immersive experiences

Create a peak experience wherever you go!

Posting content into #hex Beacon and placing it into a location is one way hexology empowers you to bring your media into the world.

Hexology also empowers you to read and write your content into an outdoor setting for people to pick up as they enter a specific GPS location. Command over QR codes is given directly through the app, so you can generate and distribute your hexology content through print, on flyers, brochures, posters and labels.

Posting digital media you into objects, spaces and place with Hexology, is more than a techie-play, Hexology lifts the art and craft of sharing content in the physical world into a valuable cultural activity with the potential to create positive social impact.

Hexology gives us an opportunity to construct content that is contextually relevant to a specific location and place it in the world around you – to create peak experiences wherever you go!

So, no matter whoever you are or whatever you do, you can post your story into the world for people to discover.

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