Imagine, posting your digital media in objects, spaces and places, for people to discover when they are in the location. Tourists and visitors to galleries, landmarks and museums, are able to effortlessly access relevant content in the context of a specific location, enriching the visitor experience. In this moment of discovery, access to other content in other locations is opened, and a community linked by a common keyword/tag such as #VisitZurich, makes a web work for people and place.

Imagine opening relevant content placed into Rome’s Colosseum, or outside the Empire State Building, when you visit. It’s not difficult to envisage how the amazing wealth of information would be of interest. Access to content of this kind is potentially transformative creating opportunities for positive social, cultural and commercial impact.

Enhance the physical world!

Hexology is a free app that empowers you to compose a message, and post it into a real physical location, giving venues and the custodians of public places an ability to enhance the visitor experience. What’s more, the people in the community that provide and maintain these services and facilities, are able to boost audience engagement, grow a following, drive online traffic and conversions.

Adding content people have posted in one location, to another person’s collection in a faraway place, forms a web of connections linking different people in different places. A Visitor at a Museum might for example, discover relevant content created by another party, that is located in different area of the city. Raising the profile of the local network in this way, opens up channels for cross-promotion, referrals and creates a community.

Posting into a GPS Location puts the venue on the map and advertises it to people nearby. Hexology also empowers content creators to construct digital narratives within the venue for people to discover and keep, so they can look through the content when they are in the museum and also when they are back at home, to relive their experience.

City of Zürich, Switzerland

To demonstrate the potential, Hexology has imported a list of Museums in the Canton of Zürich, Switzerland, posting a brief description and an image of every Museum into their physical location.

Curated by Zurich Tourism who owns the data, the list of Museums is published by the City of Zurich as part of their Open Data catalog, this free data set is shared to enable the construction of third-party apps, web applications, visualisations and other projects.

Every post for every Museum is written into the GPS location of the Museum. Curators are invited to add their own posts to these Locations which we call sources. Like the origin of a river, a source is a place from which all content flows and Hexology empowers you to create your own sources, add posts and curate your own branded collections.

All of the Museum posts we have uploaded to Hexology include the Keyword/tag #VisitZurich. To open the Collection inside Hexology open this link on your phone:

There are lots of ways to integrate Hexology into cities, public sites, heritage venues and visitor attractions. Working in collaboration with you, importing batch content to Hexology is possible via your existing datasets such as JSON, XML, CSV, etc.

Using GPS, QR codes and our bespoke Bluetooth Hex Beacon technology, our team is ready to assist you, and help you realise the potential of your location. To learn more contact us.

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