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Placing digital content into real physical locations inside a venue of a conference or event with Hexology, empowers you to share your message with people around you and connect with people you might not normally meet. Ultimately, Hexology brings everyone’s content to the surface so that you do not overlook or miss a thing. A case in point, We Are Ludo chose Hexology to post their content into the venue of the Women In Leadership 2022 Conference organised by the The Retail Bulletin.

About We Are Ludo

Ludo Founder, Elizabeth Cowper is an entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and champion for Women in Leadership. Passionate about creating the change society needs for gender equality to exist in the workplace, she is building a subscription-based SaaS platform that gives access to an online toolkit that helps businesses manage their HR in a professional way. With experience of working in HR at the highest level for Harvey Nichols, LVMH & Tapestry, she is known as a ‘Culture Adjuster’ and is listed in the HR Most Influential Awards. Elizabeth has the knowledge and the experience every business should have, and through her platform WeAreLudo.com you can too.

When asked by The Retail Bulletin to chair an event at their Retail Women in Leadership conference, to facilitate speakers Celynn Morin, Shelley Bosworth & Milly Ellis and deliver a workshop about women in leadership, Elizabeth turned to Hexology and asked us to partner and help place digital content about her company into the conference centre for people to discover. Always ready to collaborate, we guided Elizabeth and her team through the content creation process and produced a collection of posts. Given the success we had at our launch event at the Brighton & Hove Business Show, we knew exactly what to do!

Using #hex Beacon

On the day of the conference we gave Elizabeth a Hex Beacon to attach to her lanyard and wear around her neck, enabling her to broadcast her content to people in the room. During her workshop, people were able to install Hexology and without having to touch or scan a thing, pick up the slide deck she had prepared. Elizabeth also handed out postcards with a QR code printed on to one side, which gave people instant access to her profile and complete collection of posts. Like a business card, people kept the postcard to share with others.

We Are Ludo #hexed it

The conference took place at the America Square Conference Centre in London and using Hexology, we added a post to the GPS location of the venue to advertise the event and her company. This post is discoverable in Hexology and can be opened by anyone who is a 1km radius of the venue; or by opening this link on your smartphone:

All of Elizabeth’s posts include the keyword #Ludo and when pressed, Hexology compiles a collection made up of all her posts. You’ll discover one post in particular which has been written into the statue of the Emmeline Pankhurst Statue in Westminster, as an expression of the link between the passion and work Emmeline started when she campaigned to win Women the Right to Vote, and the challenge Elizabeth has chosen to change the working world for women.

Tribute to Emmeline Pankhurst

It’s possible you may have walked passed this statue without even noticing, but through Hexology, companies like WeAreLudo.com is able to enrich and add context to your experience of the physical world. To open this post, & discover the location of the Emmeline Pankhurst statue open this link on your smartphone:

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Enabling Exhibitors & Visitors to advertise, connect & engage in a location-based forum, hexology is powering the Sussex Business Show 2023.

Launch Event

Launch Event

Unlike any other Social Media, the Hexology launch Event empowered everyone to post their digital media into real physical locations for all to discover.

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