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Enabling Exhibitors & Visitors to advertise, connect & engage in a location-based forum, hexology is powering the Sussex Business Show 2023.

Game-themed & technology focussed, the Sussex Business Show 2023 on September 28th, promises to be a high point in this years regional business calendar. Set inside the spectacular and newly refurbished historic venue at the Brighton Dome, Exhibitors and Visitors throughout the region and beyond will attend the event which is organised by Sonny Cutting of Network Xpress.

Sussex Business Show 2023

Hexology is on-board to enhance the exhibitor and visitor experience, enabling them to post digital media into the digital dimension of the exhibition space for all to discover. Imagine, a layer of digital information floating in the air around you, which appears on your phone when you enter the room without having to touch or scan a thing.

Connecting everyone and everything, Hexology empowers you to bring your content into the world around you and in the context of the Sussex Business Show, this what you should expect:

Enabling the Exhibitor Experience

Exhibitors are invited to advertise their business by posting a short introduction about their business into the exhibition space inside the Brighton Dome. Your post should summarise your business activity and include any relevant details you may want to add about yourself; a url to your website; your stand number and also a keyword named after your company e.g. #hexology #SussexBizShow #BrightonDome

If you are an Exhibitor, look for the Hexology Exhibitor link which the Sussex Business Show team have sent to you in their newsletter – or ask Sonny. Press the link on your phone and it will open the Hexology app, all you have to do next is add your post by pressing the +AddPost button in the bottom right-hand corner.

On the day of the show, your post and all of the other posts added by all of the Exhibitors, will be floating inside the exhibition space for people to pick up when they walk through the door.

Enhancing the Visitor Experience

Visitors the SussexBizShow are invited to add a post to introduce themselves so they are known to the local community. Whether you are a free-lancer who wants to advertise your services and connect with a particular type of company, or you’re on a mission to find a team who can perform the services you need for a project you are doing, this is a place for you to shout-out about what ever it is you do.

Open this link on your phone to add your post:

This source and every post added to it will be floating inside the Exhibition space on the day of the show. What’s more, in keeping with the spirit of the game-themed trade show, a prize bottle of champagne will be awarded to one lucky person selected from only those Visitors who have added a post to this source & have attended the #SussexBizShow on the day. Good luck!

Ultimately, Hexology empowers every person, place and thing, to have a digital presence of their own, so that everyone who attends the Sussex Business Show on September 28th at the Brighton Dome will automatically collect and make contact with everyone and everything that is happening around you.

If you would like to find out more about how you can use hexology reach out to me via Linked In.

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Launch Event

Launch Event

Unlike any other Social Media, the Hexology launch Event empowered everyone to post their digital media into real physical locations for all to discover.

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