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by | Apr 13, 2016 | Arts & Culture

Great photographs tell a story, and at hexology we are all about enhancing objects, spaces and places with digital information for others to discover. So what if we could enhance a photograph to tell the story, behind the story?

You might wonder..

  • What’s really going on here?
  • What happened next?

And what if the answers to all these questions could be found in the photograph on display?

hexapp allows anyone to write digital information into a QR code, a Barcode, NFC tag or geolocation, for others to scan and discover. For photographers, the opportunity to tell the story behind the photograph is now a reality

Adding a location to a photograph with hexapp is not just about pinpointing the location that the photograph was taken on a map, but instead, storing the photograph in the location so that others can see it when they walk into that zone.

I have a photograph of my Grandfather standing in front of his house when he was a boy, the house is still standing and I plan to store this photograph in the geolocation where the photographer must have stood a century ago. Imagine, if everyone did that for another 100 years, then our children would in the future be able to go to a place, pick up those photographs and look back in time as the world used to be. Suddenly the world is a virtual gallery!

Galleries and exhibition organisers can generate QR codes inside hexapp and write relevant information inside them, including links to relevant online references, audio from soundcloud and video from youtube; and it’s the same for NFC tags and barcodes too. hexapp makes all this easy to do!

Hexology makes it possible to share your information in the world around us, and yet this is only half the story as hexapp allows people to leave their feedback too. The content created inside hexapp belongs to a stream and we imagine it to be a lot like a twitter feed, where new contributions appear whenever someone adds something new.

It’s an aspect we are exploring with one of Brighton’s most celebrated photographers Heather Buckley.

Whose Art is it Anyway?

On Wednesday April 20th 3.30-6pm, we’ll be capturing the spirit of Brighton with Heather Buckley’s iconic photography and some community digital storytelling at Coggings and Co on Dyke Rd.

In a hexhibition hosted by Coggings and Co and hexified by hexology which puts stories in spaces and places via a QR code and hexapp, we’re exploring what happens when you add a community response to a photograph via QR code, and asking whose art is it anyway.

Heather Buckley’s photography captures the joy and madness of a Brighton summer, and we’re inviting the people of Seven Dials to put pen to paper, fingers on laptops to see what happens when they Dreamwrite what they see. It might be a stream of consciousness or a poem they never knew was in them. It might be a song, a polemic, a pithy bit of prose. If it adds to art, it’s in. Who judges? The community of Seven Dials.

Dreamwriting is about pure creativity, an unedited splurge of response which writers can choose to share with us as a co-creation project. We’ll be facilitating those who want to become part of Heather’s artwork to post their Dreamwriting into a QR code on each of the pieces of work. Visitors to the free Coggings and Co hexhibition can scan the QR codes to find a collection of Seven Dials’ writers of all ages.

The hexhibition of Heather’s photography will be at Coggings and Co. 87-93 Dyke Rd, Brighton which won the best burger’ in the Brighton & Hove Food and Drink Awards 2015 from April 21st.

Do you enjoy trying & testing exciting new tech? 
As a beta tester, you’ll become an important part of #hexology’s development.

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