Augmenting Reality

Immersive Storytelling

It’s a sign of our times when we start storing Bitcoin in objects we possess. It might be a keyring or a worthless old badge, but the day when a person locked up their stash in a safe hidden behind a painting has been replaced by a person who is storing their valuables *in* the painting.

Tagging with Hex gives you the ability to virtually store digital information anywhere. It’s simple to do, fix a small low-cost Hexology tag to a location of choice, and using your hex-app & hex-device, you can turn any object into a Bitcoin wallet. But this is only half the story, particularly when you start to think about other things you could do.

  • A charity sticks a Hexology tag on to a memorial in town, passers by see the tag and every time it is scanned a donation is made.
  • A treasure hunt organiser deposits a Bitcoin prize in a Hexology tag, solve the clues to locate the hidden tag and claim the Bitcoin prize.
  • If you have an oyster card, you can Hex it and store Bitcoin on it as well as your tube fare.
  • A Bitcoin gift is easily sent via a Hexology tag that’s been pressed between the pages of a card.

Giving everyday objects and places new meaning, and value, will impact culture in fascinating ways. Using Hex, you can share images, music, poems, and tweets; and in the process build a richer Hexological world.

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