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by | Oct 1, 2017 | Collaboration

Events and spaces created for people to experience, explore, discover and build connections are environments created to provide a peak experience. Whether the aim is to bring people together, share information or engage people in a narrative, #hexology empowers creators, curators and exhibitors with a framework to reach out and enrich their visitor experience.

Curators of exhibitions are expert storytellers, yet in most cases the opportunity to install smart digital narratives using technology is out of their reach. Specialist software developers are typically needed to install bespoke technology and for many, the expense is too high.


Imagine walking into an event space, gallery or museum and picking up stories about an exhibition, and the exhibitors nearby. It might be a conference hall filled to capacity, or an Art gallery with only one exhibit, #hexology gives us the tools to enrich these spaces with digital media. It’s a scenario that encourages visitors to explore a layer of information that surrounds them as they study an exhibit, or make contact with the exhibitor or organiser as soon they walk into your world.

Creating a channel inside #hexology’s free app gives exhibitors a place to publish and build branded content for your audience. It’s a walled-garden that gives you and your audience a place to connect, for visitors to keep and follow.


What if you could set up your own installation and broadcast your own stuff without having to rely on the organisers of an event, or an administrator to setup the infrastructure needed?

Simply put..

With #hex and #hexology you can download our free app and build it yourself.

  • #hex uses bluetooth – no internet needed
  • using our free app you can publish information without incurring data charges
  • it’s simple to use
  • it’s agile, portable and quick to setup
  • it’s flexible – so you can use it one way, and then use it again in another way at a later date

#hexology puts the power of #hex beacon technology into your hands, so you can punch above your weight. Aimed at Event Organisers, Theme Parks, Arts Centres, Museums and Galleries – anyone looking for novel ways to put their stories into spaces and places – the Planner has been created to enable people to enrich their installations, exhibitions and events with #hex.

We predict, that as the physical world around us gets smarter and more connected, we’ll expect more from the spaces and objects we visit. It’s a vision of the future that need not be so faraway.

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