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Innovations in Hospitality


Innovation is at its peak; society is forced to adapt in response to rapid changes in consumer expectations.

Mobile technology was already popular pre-pandemic, but the lockdowns and the surge in remote working have accelerated its adoption, to establish it as a social, cultural and commercial cornerstone. Given this global state of flux, #hexology offers Innovations in Hospitality that seek to put you at the forefront of change.

Empowering restaurant, bar, nightclub, hotel and venue operators to bring their digital content into the objects, spaces and places within their premises, #hexology takes the customer experience up a level. At a time when social media is more significant than ever, #hexology is redefining ways to attract, connect, build and nurture customer relationships.

Mobile Technology is the new standard

For Millennial and Gen Z tech-savvy digital natives, whose evolving expectations for contactless experiences, personalisation and operational efficiency are driving shifts in strategy, #hexology is positioned to deliver on these expectations and meet growing demand.

Nurturing relationships with Hexology

As a medium capable of delivering digital content to customers as they move around your premises, #hexology goes beyond any other social media app, as it enables you to layer your media into objects, spaces and places that exist inside your venue.

Imagine publishing a greeting message at the entrance of your premises for people to pick up as they pass by. This form of interaction is a good way to entice and attract passers by, and also as a substitute for the warm welcome and personal touch of face-to-face conversations which will remain limited in hospitality settings.

Now more than ever, consumers crave a sense of connection and belonging

Providing on-trend information such as access to local activities and events via links to social media, turns your venue into a hub that entertains your customers and enables them to plug into the local community.

Promoting local experiences drives direct business

International travel in 2020 was impossible, leading to a steep rise in staying local. Millennials, for example, crave authentic experiences and are keen to explore. With 86% travelling for experience and culture, local attractions such as educational events, historical sites, cultural festivals and off-the-beaten-path hikes are more appealing than areas saturated with tourists.

Never underestimate the power of local experiences and the millennial generation combined with a smartphone.

Publishing content about the activities around you enables your guests and visitors to plug in to local experiences. Use Hexology to signpost your local attractions and partners; promoting your business, area and brand, is free advertising and leads to direct business through recommendation, who are all looking for similar experiences.

Personalisation fosters deeper relationships

Showcasing the faces behind your brand and talking about the products and services you offer makes a positive impression, builds trust, and helps create meaningful relationships.

Desensitised to generic promotions, a high proportion of people expect to see offers that are tailored to their interests. This is particularly true with Gen Z, who wish email marketing was more personalised, according to Netimperitive 25% claim they would show more loyalty to a service that understands their needs.

In addition to agile marketing strategies, brands need to focus on nurturing these relationships and build connections.

Unlike online content with the average attention span of eight seconds, targeted location-based content is proven to be more engaging and relevant to your customer interests. Personalisation is a key driver for guest satisfaction, Hexology empowers Hospitality to reach out to their customers with relevant content, and as the Hexology app is free and so easily available, it cuts out the cost of expensive on-site kiosks.

Digging into the potential and the opportunities Hexology offers will enhance your business, introducing crucial benefits that keeps you at the forefront of best-in-class technology, to help you and your property prosper.

Demand for Contactless Interactions

Contactless became a buzzword in 2020 and it is now a basic expectation. Identifying touch-free ways to build customer engagement by placing digital content in objects, spaces and places inside your venue limits face-to-face interactions; promotes virtual collaboration; self-service and independence. It also increases efficiency by streamlining communication.

Forced to speed up the digitalisation process due to a preference of less contact by customers due to the pandemic, self-service is widely adopted. Actions like checking-in and out, making contactless payments and accessing services promote a safe, touch-free experience.

These interactions open channels of communication that empower guests to reach out with questions, whilst you capture impressions for contact track and trace. Given that Hexology is a cloud-based platform that is resilient, scalable and accessible via an online server, an internet connection is all that is needed to give instant access to real-time information.

Make your brand matter with Innovations in Hospitality

People are accustomed to fast technology, online communication and rapid responses and Hexology enables you to deliver your content at the pace they now expect. Use Hexology to explore new initiatives, host events, share music, video or launch co-marketing efforts and capture reviews.

In a recent survey, 79% said they trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from friends or family, and 82% said positive reviews make them more likely to use a business. This type of engagement improves customer satisfaction, boosts ranking and traffic, empowering you to draw a clearer picture of your customers motives and desires.

Whilst consumers increasingly turn to social media to escape, explore and dream, social media channels are now densely populated. The challenge is not about showing up where consumers spend time, but instead standing out from the crowd.

Using Hexology to put you and your content into objects, spaces and places in and around your venue, places you and your brand exactly where peoples lives are really happening.

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