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by | Apr 13, 2019 | Advertising, Events, Narrative Space Design, Shows & Exhibitions

Filled with a rich and an abundant supply of information about the companies, people, products and services available, Expos and Trade Shows are highly-dense concentrated environments. From an organisational perspective, one of the main purposes is to create ways to maximise the exhibitor and visitor experience, so that they gain a positive return on their investment.

The aim is to provide a platform that empowers people to make contact, share information and explore. As well as gain insight into the effectiveness and impact of the event, by measuring the reach and penetration of every interaction. In answer to this challenge brief, #hexology has been created to empower Event Organisers, Exhibitors and Visitors with a powerful lightweight solution that is both portable and easy to use.

#hexology and #hex

Our free app empowers people to share their digital media in the physical world, enabling users to publish their own digital media in an object, space or place for people to discover and share, whenever they are in proximity.

Placing content into real locations is achieved by reading and writing content into a source and the app supports a range of different source types including #hex, which is a low-power bluetooth beacon with built-in memory that broadcasts stored messages within a 25m radius. The app enables users to create multimedia messages, share links, add an image, video via youtube, audio via Soundcloud and create a channel to raise awareness of your brand.

Insights and Analytics

Every interaction is an event, and these statistics can be used to:

  • measure footfall
  • understand the effectiveness of content
  • track session times
  • build mailing lists


Installing a network of #hexes in an event space enables organisers to:

  • place digital media in specific locations
  • add digital signage to an event space
  • give people directions to specific locations
  • know where people are in a building

#hexology empowers event organisers, exhibitors and visitors to reach out and connect with one another, share digital media and gain audience insights which can be used by decision-makers in their conversations with partners, investors and other stakeholders.

Ultimately, #hexology aims to boost community engagement and create a peak experience.

Do you enjoy trying & testing exciting new tech? 
As a beta tester, you’ll become an important part of #hexology’s development.

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