Affiliate Content Creator Training & Certification


Leading the next generation of immersive content creators, Hexology is excited to announce the launch of an Affiliate Content Creator Training & Certification programme for Place-Based Digital Curators, to teach individuals, teams and organisations how to create immersive content installations in venues and events using Hexology.

About the Qualification

Hexology will award graduates with certification that qualifies them to construct immersive place-based content and in addition, affiliate themselves with Hexology as a certified immersive content creator. Graduates will be trained to work with the Hexology team on client projects, but they’ll also be free to work independently on their own opportunities with cultural institutions and IP holders to help them develop next-generation location-based immersive content strategies.

Business Opportunity

Hexology’s Digital Curator training is designed to foster and nurture strategically-aligned individuals, business leaders and people-enablers to achieve mutually beneficial organisational objectives. We anticipate that many organisations will approach Hexology to find out how to build immersive content installations in their own venues, or to commission content creation as a service. To meet this demand, Hexology intends to promote its team of affiliate content creators and connect them with incoming business opportunities.

Benefits of Hexology Certification

At the end of the course, graduates will have understood the nuances of the Hexology platform and its potential, and will have used Hexology to build an installation of immersive content in a site of their choice. Benefits to graduates will include:

  1. Enhance your CV
  2. Gain industry certification
  3. Affiliate yourself with hexology as a certified immersive content creator
  4. List your bio on the Hexology website
  5. Join a highly skilled in-house Hexology immersive content creation team
  6. Learn a skillset that you can sell as a specialised work-for-hire service

Meet our first Cohort of Certified Content Creators

Working in collaboration with immersive content creator Robert Morgan to pilot the course, a group of students from Kings College London and the Courtauld Institute are building an installation of immersive content at a site in Strand Aldwych London. This first cohort will gain an inside-track into Hexology’s internal technology roadmap and product development culture; use their affiliate status to win their own projects; and support Hexology work on client projects around the world.

To find out more about the Hexology Affiliate Content Creator Training & Certification programme contact us.

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