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Advances in mobile technology and its accelerated adoption have enabled opportunities for a creative agency to produce exciting campaigns, capable of reaching global audiences in an instant. Providing you can cut through the online noise that saturates the densely-populated social media channels, technology is powering a new generation of immersive content.

Create Bespoke Experiences

Hexology closes the gap between the online world and the physical world, empowering you to post your digital content into objects, spaces and places, and with this capability comes a range of unique opportunities to create bespoke experiences. Exclusive digital content published in real locations have the potential to engage audiences in a completely different way, transforming location into a bespoke consumer experience. To give an idea of the potential imagine here are a couple of examples:

  • Posting content into the GPS co-ordinates of every shop/store that sells your product at a certain time and day, will drive audiences to these locations to collect the content
  • Embedding digital content into a product for the consumer to pick up adds a premium digital experience that can only be gained if you have the product in your possession

Generate a Buzz

Connecting people through the digital content that is shared via a product or a location builds community and brand loyalty, by giving the consumer a feeling that they belong to something special. Engaging audiences in exclusive content raises awareness and opens new channels of communication. More than technology, Hexology empowers communication similar to any social network, so the opportunity to listen and conduct market research exists.

Targeted Advertising

Sharing exclusive content with targeted audiences at key locations and events, raises the quality of the consumer experience whilst shining a spotlight on your product or brand. Bringing your online content into the world connects the online world with the physical world in a magical way.

Use #hexology to tease out the USP of your product, or initiate the consumer into a bigger picture, such as Fair-trade, provenance or ethics. We’re passionate about stories and we are working with the unique opportunity to address an audience as they stand within the context of a specific location.


Aimed at Creative Agency collaborations in advertising, marketing, film, tv, publishing and games companies, Hexology is looking for Collaboration opportunities. Positioned to help expand the scope of a campaign to include the objects, spaces and places in the physical world, #hexology exists to help you weave your narratives into the fabric of our surroundings, to create a pervasive multimedia experience with global reach.

It’s the ultimate guerrilla marketing platform with the potential to address localised information in a contextual way; and the analytics you’ll gain will allow you to gather information about your audience in new ways.

If you are thinking outside-the-box then this is an accelerator package for you!

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3D AR-Ready

3D AR-Ready

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