Hexology joins Neo4j startup program

Hexology Joins Neo4j Startup Program

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Honoured and proud to announce that Neo4j, the world-leading Graph Database cloud platform have welcomed #hexology into the Neo4j startup program.

About Neo4j and Graph Database

Graph Databases are powering the next generation of world-changing ideas, driving innovation due to the incredible advantages of using graph databases from a data management perspective. Participation in the Neo4j startup program gives #hexology free access to the Enterprise version of the Neo4j cloud platform, along with membership in a community of other amazing startups.

Unlike SQL databases, which has been the most widely-used database language since the 1970’s, Graph databases introduce superior performance and better problem-solving due to its object-oriented thinking. Simply put, instead of storing data in tabulated columns and rows, data is stored as a relationship node in a model that looks something like this:

Graph databases serve as great AI infrastructure due to the well-structured information, Machine learning experts love it!

Launching #hexology on iOS & Android

Building a commercial version of Hexology for iOS and Android so that it is scalable and robust, inspired us to seek out and use cutting-edge technologies to deliver the very best user experience.

We’ve been using Neo4j for a few months now and we were instantly impressed by its performance.

Empowering people to bring their digital media into the physical world. Compose a message, add an image, audio and video, but instead of posting it online, post it into an object, space or place for people to discover when ever they are nearby.

To bring this vision into reality we are running Neo4j at the very core of our back-end, equipping our free Android and iOS apps with a snappy user experience. hexology is designed to store your posts which are made up of text, images and urls, to construct a familiar social media experience that is all about posting content into real locations.

Our user experience design is based on the idea that user generated content will construct a data model made up of (1) Users (2) Posts (3) Sources and (4) Collections.

Neo4j enables us to represent our data in a graph with particular focus on the relationships between users, posts, sources and collections; streamlining our technology eco-system so that it is scalable whilst remaining agile and fast.

It’s the ideal backbone to a technology infrastructure that is being designed to work with AI.

Competitive Advantage

Participation in the Neo4j Startup Program gives #hexology a valuable competitive advantage. Apart from the amazing performance improvements and technical benefits we gain from using a managed installation of the graph database, we have been given an opportunity to launch our Beta Program and scale our MVP.

Neo4j Four and Neo4j Graph Data Science  are redefining what is possible with data and analytics, Neo4j Aura is a fully managed cloud service that makes it easy for organisations to deploy graph applications.

Neo4j CEO and co-founder Emil Eifrem says.

Having tested prototypes and successfully completed live trials with commercial partners we are looking for Beta testers to sign up and work with us. Reaching out to people working in Hospitality, Tourism, Venues and Events, including Festivals, Exhibitions and Conferences, the vision and methodology Hexology has developed is exciting, novel and unique. If you like trying and testing new technology or would like to use Hexology in your business why not join our Beta program?

Thank you Neo4j for accepting #hexology into your startup program we are proud to be a part of the community and we love your graph database!

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