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Community Building

Have you ever wondered what stops you from starting a conversation with a stranger? And if we don’t talk to strangers, how would we ever meet anybody new?

Rich with culture and excitement city life is cosmopolitan, diverse and a magnet to people from all walks of life. Our city populations are increasing and the environments we live in more dense. Every new day presents us with an opportunity to meet someone new.

In most cases the connections we make come through work or in other activities we may be associated with. We might live near someone who could be a very important contact to us, we may even pass them in the street everyday yet never speak, or meet. Whereas in a village, everyone knows enough about each other to talk.

The reality is, it’s not easy to talk to new people, we don’t know enough about one other to start up a conversation with a stranger, but what if we did?

#hex broadcasts information to people nearby, wear it as a pendent, use it as a keyring or carry it in your pocket or bag, #hex broadcasts your message to the people around you.

Suddenly the beginnings of a conversation exist. Imagine:

  • I’m a musician performing at The Lower Third tonight.
  • I’m writing a novel and like talking about books. Reply if you do too!
  • Chess?

It’s as simple as posting a tweet and what’s more, people can leave their response inside your #hex too. Suddenly the world around you is no longer full of strangers!

People in a city can sometimes feel isolated, despite the fact that they may be amongst a crowd. #hex is a voice that reaches out and speaks to everyone around you, and that might be all you need to start up a conversation that could change your life.

#hex can be used in so many ways, who knows where the next conversation you have might lead, and as new connections are discovered and relationships grow, the feeling that we belong to a community will surely follow – a place we can call home.

Social media technology is becoming more sophisticated and at #hexology, we’re building technology that breaks down social barriers, brings people together and enriches the world we live in.

So one day, I might meet a stranger in a city and pickup enough about them to ask if they would like to join me for a cup of coffee, and they might pickup enough about me to say “Yes.”

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