Promoting with Virtual Goods

by | Jul 15, 2019 | Advertising, Community Building, Immersive Storytelling, Narrative Space Design

Enabling new commercial and creative opportunities to evolve within the Entertainment Industry, #hexology has the power to moves crowds.

Imagine sharing:

  • an exclusive movie trailer in cinema foyers for audiences to discover
  • or extra content in merchandise that people pick up when they buy your product

Perhaps this special layer of content is only available on the opening night, or if you were at a specific location at a particular time, so when the screening starts the content is gone!

Rewarding fans with virtual goods when they buy a product or go to an event, creates a buzz. It transmits a message through the grape-vine that there is a unique gift available for all those people who are “in the know.”

Used constructively, this particular tactic can drive footfall to a particular event, or enrol audiences into an interaction design that reveals a much bigger product or story line.

Ultimately, #hexology is a new kind of social interaction, a technology platform that empowers people to bring digital media into the #physicalworld.

It simplifies the process of bringing your online world into the #physicalworld, so that you can publish content in objects, space and places and create new user experiences that boost audience engagement in a targeted way.

The free #hexology app enables audiences to discover content shared and participate in a new kind of social interaction we call #SituationMedia. An expression that describes the cultural evolution of social media experience framed within the context of a specific time and location, to create a situation and a peak experience.

In the same way that Social Media gives people access to a community, #hexology enables its users to share the things they like, add a comment or post, and even buy your virtual goods using our built in crypto currency.

For Content Creators, #hexology bridges the gap between your online digital world and the #physicalworld, creating channels for people to make a frictionless journey of discovery from a real physical location into your virtual store and with every user interaction #hexology captures real-time data that helps decision-makers understand what is really going on.

Now in its advanced stages of development, #hexology is a powerful and flexible platform for Content Creators and Consumers to publish their Virtual Goods and generate consumer traction. Built on the latest cutting-edge technologies, we are using Blockchain to integrate a crypto currency and setup the foundations for a secure and environment for content creators to monetise their assets.

Strong identity management and authentication processes are seamlessly integrated to ensure that vendors know their customers and consumer privacy are fully protected. This extra commercial leverage transforms the opportunity for content creators to transform any location into their own personal point of sale, turning our #physicalworld into a marketplace for content creators and producers to incentivise and engage audiences.

Using Artificial Intelligence to curate content, our aim is to lift economic trade through a more personalised environment.

Driven by a human-centred user experience design approach, #hexology is a new kind of user interaction that that brings people together in time and space.

The next time you attend a film festival imagine what it would be like if every cinema, meeting place, business card and person, were all interwoven, super-connected and enriched with a layer digital content that is floating in the air around them for people to discover whenever they are nearby.

Suddenly, we find ourselves in a new and rich immersive digital dimension, we call #hexology.

Do you enjoy trying & testing exciting new tech? 
As a beta tester, you’ll become an important part of #hexology’s development.

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