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by | Jan 1, 2018 | Collaboration

Woven into the fabric of our reality is an invisible layer of digital information. The things we own and buy are numbered, tagged and connected; it’s a deep web and only a few know the way in.

Immersive, compelling and engaging, spin a narrative that draws people into an imaginative world that has been created to shine a spotlight on your product or brand. A good marketing campaign gets people talking, there’s a buzz amongst the community – and suddenly the news spreads. A rumour, a secret or new trend rising up, out of the crowd, a champion chosen by the people.


Social media plays a big part – yet how can you extend the reach of your campaign from the the online world and into the real? Answer..

#hexology connects the online world with the #physicalworld in a magical way. Using #hex to write a story into an object, space or place could be used to tease out the USP of your product or initiate them into the bigger picture, such as Fairtrade, provenance or ethics. We’re passionate about stories and we are working with the unique opportunity to address an audience as they stand within the context of being in a specific location.

Where are you now?

Look around and imagine what kind of story could be told within the space you are in right now!

Or pickup an object and imagine what kind of story it might tell if it could talk. #hexology exists to bring those stories to life.

Aimed at Creative Agencies, advertising, marketing, film, tv, publishing and games, #hexology is positioned to help expand the scope of a campaign to include objects and spaces in the #physicalworld. We’ll help you use #hexology to weave your narrative into the fabric of the world around us, to create a pervasive multimedia experience with global reach.

It’s the ultimate guerrilla marketing platform with the potential to address localised information in a context specific way; and the analytics you’ll gain will allow you to gather information about your audience in new ways.

If you are thinking outside-the-box then this is an accelerator package for you!

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