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Live at the Brighton and Hove Business Show, Hexology is proud to announce and invite attendees at the AMEX Stadium on June 23rd to install and gain access to the Hexology experience for the first time.

The Hexology Experience

Utilising the latest cutting edge technologies, Hexology empowers you to bring your digital media into the world. Imagine a layer of digital information floating in the air around you.

Unlike any other social media Hexology changes the way we interact, enabling you to share your content and connect with people around you wherever you go.

Working in collaboration with the event organiser Mike Monk and his team, digital content waiting for you to collect at the entrance when you arrive. Additional content about the Speakers and their presentations will also be posted into the Seminar Room for people to discover as the day unfolds. Follow these Sources and Collections to stay up to date with announcements, make new contacts, gather and share information.

Hexology is all about sharing your content in objects, spaces and places and engaging people around you. Once made, these connections live on inside Hexology keeping you connected long after the event is over.

Designed to create peak experiences and boost audience engagement, Exhibitors are invited to post their own content into the space that surrounds their stand for people to pick up as they pass by.

In development for more than 18 months, Hexology is made up of an international team who have produced a robust and scalable commercial version of the technology. Available on Android and iOS, the idea was born in 2014 and since then, the company has built prototypes, participated in Festival events and commercial trials for bluechip companies.

User Centred Design

Working in response to the overwhelming positive user feedback and demand we received during the early market research, prototyping and consumer trial stages, this is a story about a group of visionary and committed innovators, whose multi-disciplinary collaboration have brought their vision to life. CEO and Founder Darrel Butlin is the Keynote Speaker and will be talking about the potential of this new technology, the future of the company and its facility to create a positive social impact.

This version of the free app, which will be available via the App Stores for the Brighton and Hove Business Show event, is completely new and has never been seen before.

Free on the App Stores, you do not need to signup with an email and password to discover and share content around you. So if you are one of the 400 visitors on the day, you can skip the sign up process and get started, you will however be asked to create an account as soon you attempt to add a post, a comment or create your own collection.

For Exhibitors

Exhibitors will be offered early access and an invitation to a Webinar closer to the date to show them how to use the app; learn best practise tips and tricks; and gain a better understanding of the features and capabilities so that you are able to maximise its full potential on the day.

Guidance on how you can create the Hexology experience at your own event to boost audience / consumer engagement will follow. Sign up to our newsletter if you wish to gain access to this report and join our Beta Program.

Brighton and Hove Business Show

Hexology is proudly working in collaboration with the event organiser Mike Monk and his team, and Claire Catliff of Love Luxury Events.

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Enabling Exhibitors & Visitors to advertise, connect & engage in a location-based forum, hexology is powering the Sussex Business Show 2023.

Launch Event

Launch Event

Unlike any other Social Media, the Hexology launch Event empowered everyone to post their digital media into real physical locations for all to discover.

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