#hexmagic – posting content in the world

by | Aug 28, 2019 | Vision

Inspired by the vision of a world energised by a wave of Digital Media floating in the air around us, #hexology exists to empower us with an ability to post our online content into the real locations.

Our ideas and language are evolving out of the knowledge that #hexology is an experience, a digital magic that connects us through the discovery of the digital content we publish in the world!

We call it #hexology to project the subject of study, or branch of knowledge in the art of #hexing. By definition, a hex is a charm or spell, yet in our vernacular, we use the term to #hex as a verb, to imply that the art of posting content into the physical world.

It’s a kind of digital magic!

Reading and writing your media into #hex Beacon is just the beginning, #hexology also enables you to read and write media into outdoor locations for people to pick up when they enter a specific GPS location.

Hexology exists to enable you to share your message in the physical world, by attaching your digital media to an object, space or place, and our free #hexology app transforms the art of sharing content in the real world into a social activity.

Placing your digital media into real locations, gives an opportunity to create peak experiences wherever we go, mixing up the experience of gaining access to digital content that is relevant to the context of a specific location.

Tell us who you are and what you do and we will feature an article about you on our website.

Use #hexology to:

  • Promote ideas, events and activities
  • Create narratives in an object, space or place
  • Reach out and connect with the people around
  • Build communities
  • Share experiences

Do you enjoy trying & testing exciting new tech? 
As a beta tester, you’ll become an important part of #hexology’s development.

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