Magic-ing Reality by Bill Liao


Great technology should feel a bit magical; its workings may be mysterious and why would you care anyway, as long as it does what you need it to do or something you love.

Hexology has that magic feel you need to try to really appreciate. We can tell you that the ability to save a youtube video in a business card is a kind of digital magic and it’s only when you see it in action for the first time that your imagination will ignite. Hexology introduces new possibilities, we don’t normally expect to find a photo album written into a GPS location, or a book review written in the barcode on the cover of a book. Nor would we expect to find a message from the Chef in a restaurant menu.

#hex Beacon is the ultimate enabler of digital wizardry into the everyday.

The small low-cost bluetooth device can store a message and broadcast it in a 20m radius for anyone to discover whenever they are nearby. It’s integrated into the hexology app so users can publish their stories to those around them, all without needing an internet connection.

Combining NFC, RFID, QR Codes, Barcodes, Beacons and GPS locations into one seamless design, makes hexology a flexible environment that can be used in numerous ways to seed digital information into everyday life, objects and places. It’s exciting to hear of the many different people that have started to use the platform around the world.

Interaction design is at the very centre of it all, and the team are pushing the boundaries, challenging our expectations and behaviour.

Hexology forces us to be progressive and the team have even invented a new language to get their ideas out. Their innovation journey spans electronics, user experience design, software development and even ways to communicate new ideas simply.

The team are on a mission to empower people with technology that will enable them to add magic to reality, and enrich the world around with stories, images, videos and music, turning our world into a virtual gallery .

One thing is sure, the boundaries between the virtual and the real world are blurring, it’s a trend that has been gathering momentum over recent years and hexology comes at a time when we are talking about connected devices, the internet of things and smart cities, the timing could not be better.

About Bill Liao

Entrepreneur, business mentor, diplomat, author and speaker, Bill Liao has a distinguished record in business, development and community activism. Co-founder of the CoderDojo movement, a free global network formed to assist young people to learn how to computer program, Bill also co-founded XING, a pioneering business social networking platform. He is the European Investment Partner at SOSV, investing in, supporting and mentoring companies and startups at all stages of growth. Bill Founded SOSV’s biotech practice and runs IndieBio in Europe. He served as COO for Davnet, a telecommunications carrier that went public in the late 90’s; and serves as a special diplomatic envoy for St Kitt’s and Nevis, with an emphasis on sustainable development and the environment. Author of three books, Bill is a regular speaker at many events and venues such as The London School of Economics, The World Economic Forum, The Globe Forum in Sweden, The House of Commons and TED as well as TEDx. He is also Founder of WeForest, a charity that has planted over 5 million trees globally.

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The Art of Hexology

The Art of Hexology

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#hexology Experience

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