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Imagine a layer of digital content floating in and around the objects, spaces and places inside your hotel, for your guests to discover. Serving customers with personalised content that magically appears on your phone as you walk into a room, read a menu or sit in the lounge, #hexology empowers you to enhance the customer experience in your hotel and engage your guests in a premium experience.

From the moment your customer walks through the door, #hexology enables you to reach out, connect and share exclusive content that expresses your unique identity.

#hexology unlocks an opportunity to streamline a channel of communication and build a deeper personal relationship with your customer.

With numerous ways to use #hexology inside the setting of a hotel, creating content is easy. Using the #hexology app, simply compose a text message, add an image, audio and video, but instead of posting your message online, post it into an object, a space or place for people to discover whenever they are nearby. Available on Android and iOS, the #hexology app is free!

Contactless interactions

Post a welcome message into the GPS co-ordinates outside the entrance of your hotel for guests to pickup as they arrive. Use hex Beacon to broadcast relevant content to guests in different areas of the hotel, crafting messages to fit into the surroundings builds a unique customer journey.

  • Broadcast the opening times of the Spa for customers to automatically pickup when they approach the Spa.
  • Share the names of the staff at the reception desk as customers approach.
  • Post the menu at the entrance of the restaurant and add a video of the Chef talking about his soup of the day.
  • Pickup the details of local attractions when you visit the lounge.
  • Access the instructions for the TV in multiple languages, as you approach the TV.

Providing a contactless user experience, the content you write into a GPS location or broadcast with #hex Beacon automatically appears on your phone when you enter a location.

From embedding interesting historical facts about the hotel around the building to posting a greeting from the General Manager to introduce the team, the content you construct is in your control. The types of messages you create are endless, yet #hexology is much more than a push-notification tool, it is also loaded with social features that build community.

Loading all of your content into one collection and branding it with your logo puts all of your content in one place. Customers can share your collection and posts, add comments and favourite the content they like. It’s an ideal mechanism to capture reviews and give your guests a platform they can invest in.

Building a community for your guests to find out more about who and what is around them, enables them to make friends and instantly plug into the local community. What’s more, your guests get to keep the content and experiences they collect, enabling you to send them new posts and updates to your collections even when they have left the hotel and are back at home.

Similarly, adding your posts to collections that other organisations have created allows you to reach new audiences and open a channel to the content in your hotel.

Integrated with Maps, #hexology pinpoints your location on a map, so for all of those people that discover your hotel through the locations they follow, #hexology guides them to your hotel.

#hexology is intuitive and simple to use

On-boarding your customer can begin when they book online, or when they arrive at your hotel and discover the content you have created.

Sharing a link to your content in an email is one way to begin the customer journey, you can alternatively distribute a QR code which customers can scan with their phone. If the customer has already installed the #hexology app then the content opens automatically, if however the customer has not installed the app, then they are directed to the app store where they can download and install #hexology.

When you install #hexology for the first time you do not need to create a user profile or an account, instead, #hexology gives you instant access to content and the community around you. It is only when you attempt to add or create your own content that you are asked to create an account.

Equally, content creators at the hotel need no technical know-how or additional technical infrastructure, internet access inside the hotel is all that is needed. Following in the lines of other social network apps, the #hexology interface is a familiar environment that is intuitive to use.

Data-driven insights

Every interaction that takes place creates a digital impression which #hexology is able to track, metrics such as:

  • Footfall
  • Logging the movement of your customers inside your hotel
  • How long customers stay in a particular location, or not
  • What content is the most popular and what is not

These data-driven insights will help you understand your customer, enabling you to optimise your operation.

Paving the way for hotels to enhance their customer experience, #hexology is offering a new and exclusive channel of communication that enhances the Customer Experience in your Hotel, empowering you to personalise content that meets the interests and needs of your guests.

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