The #hex Developer

Developer Ecosystem

Sharing the API enables developers to harness the unique power of #hex.

The ability to broadcast information where there is no internet could make all the difference – the right information at the right place at the right time could literally save a life. There are numerous application scenarios where #hex is able to make a valuable difference: from Theme Parks to Museums, Hospital Navigation, Retail Centres, Education, Asset Tracking, offers in coffee shops to treasure hunts; the list goes on!

We created #hexology as a FREE app to serve our global community, yet with so many other potential applications out there we want to empower developer teams and collaborate with them on the challenges and opportunities we face. So we are creating a developer kit which includes a set of #hexes and early access to the #hex API.

To be a #hex developer means that you get the opportunity to steer the development of the technology around your needs, so we’re looking for a conversation with you. More than just a focus group, we’re offering deep-level collaborative interaction. It won’t just happen straight away, we’ll need time to work with the technology and then over time things will get interesting. Aimed at individuals, small businesses and organisations, for anyone with a more corporate profile we promise confidentiality and discretion.

Join us and lets shape the future together!

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