Street Performers Use #hex


Street performers are attractions that draw people to places and sometimes I’ve stopped to watch and listen, and thought: “Wow.. they’re good!

Yet rarely do I reach out to find out more, perhaps I’m in a rush, too busy or not in the mood to engage. What ever the reason, it’s a missed opportunity!

#hex gives artists a way to reach out and connect with people nearby, share their content and be discovered. On those occasions when a performer has attracted a big audience it’s easy to sense the desperate rush to pass the hat and spread the word about their work within a matter of seconds that exist before their audience is gone.

What if, whenever I pass an Artist I could pick up their YouTube video, a link to their Twitter handle or Facebook page, and through this digital window the Artist has created I might buy a song, a t-shirt or tickets to a show; and all of this information is instantly accessible to me whenever I am nearby.

#hex turns this magical possibility into a magical reality!

Whether you’re a Singer-songwriter, Classical Musician, Tight-rope walker, Juggler or Human statue, if you are in the business of Busking or performing in the streets then #hex can change the way you operate. All the artist has to do is compose a message and hex will store that message and broadcast it around you, like an aura, and whenever anyone walks into your aura then they pick up your message.

Suddenly, the world is your stage, use #hex to tell people around you about a gig, an exhibition, an album you are working on or a nightclub you are setting up. What ever you do, there are people around you who don’t know you are there!

A street performer lives for those moments when they are on stage, they’re looking for ways to create a way of life that enable them to sustain the thing they love to do. We’re living in an era when anyone with a big social media following is able to attract sponsors, and that might be all they need to keep going.

Just as YouTube has given ordinary people a platform with the power to turn them into an online celebrity, hexology is a platform that empowers people with an ability to connect and share your media with people around you, whether you know them or not, and through this build notoriety and a following, offline and online, wherever you go!

We have always worked with the aim to support independent artists and through this vision #hex is born.

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