Busker Story


Five years from now I imagine myself in a recording studio or on stage performing my music. Yet, I am at present an aspiring 22 year old musician who is at the start of my career. I perform at bars and pubs and I do busking every now and again. Some of my gigs are ‘open mics’ and others paid. My next performance will be in 3 days time when I’ll be at The Finsbury Pub on March 20th at 7pm, supporting Karima Francis.

Like most artists I am working on a solo project called Lilac Underworld which draws inspiration from Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Nirvana, Alice In Chains, folk, pop and rock to create a quirky blend of music. You may find me dressed for a unicorn party and other times for a vampire funeral; my style is distinctive.

There are so many musicians out there, it is really hard work to rise above the noise and get noticed, I believe it is important to distinguish yourself as an artist by being authentic, genuine and true to your yourself by allowing your creative direction to experiment and run wild.

To get my music out there and build a following I use Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitter and Instagram, yet when I am performing nobody is able to find out anything about me!!!!

#hex enables me to reach out to my audience and tell them all everything I want them to know. Using the free app I can craft my own narrative, share all the information I have curated and direct people to my social media pages so that they can find out more about me.

With #hex, people who pass me in the street are now able to access to my social media whenever they are nearby, and once we are connected we’ll have a direct line of communication, all I have to do is perform to the best of my ability and let hexology do all the work.

Moving forward I know that as a Musician I have to concentrate on building my social media following as well as my music, and #hexology fills a valuable spot.

For details of my next performance: Seetickets & Facebook

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