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Talking about #hexology within the context of a rapidly evolving set of technology trends took time to develop. Situated somewhere between the Internet of things, Augmented Reality and Social Media, #hexology is a #Tech4Good that is all about empowering people with an ability to share their digital media in the physical world, and part of our challenge is to show the potential it has to change the world.

Connecting people, objects and places falls under the umbrella of the Internet of Things; where as adding digital media to real locations is Augmenting Reality and empowering people to share media is definitely Social. Yet the reality is that the potential for #hex technology goes far beyond these limits.

As an IoT device, #hex has applications across multiple industries. It is a proximity detector that advertises a unique identifier, it can be used to:

  • trigger an action when someone walks into a room (turn on the lights)
  • store a unique address (identify someone or something)
  • direct URL requests (display specific content)

#hex is however, unique in terms of its ability to store information. Apart from the on-board memory inside the Bluetooth memory chip, there are two built-in 64K memory chips which are used to store the operating system and user data. This means #hex can store multiple data entries and serve up different content on demand, all without the use of the internet.

The potential to apply this unique ability in industry is made possible through the release of the #hex API and we are keen to work closely with developer teams on different challenge briefs, seizing the opportunity to create solutions together. As an example, we think #hex would make an ideal bitcoin wallet and we have already formed plans to enter into the world of Fintech with our own digital currency solution.

Watch this space!

Another hot area that we feel strongly about is the potential for #hex as a champion of #Tech4Good, and we have only just begun to scratch the surface of what we might achieve in disaster relief situations, or in emergency locations where there is no internet. See our Award-winning Radio Series for the Syrian Refugee Crisis.

Moving forward, #hexology is looking for partners and collaborators to work with and if you are interested in working with us on your challenge brief, please do get in touch.

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People Without Internet

People Without Internet

Imagine a world without the internet, it’s easy to forget what that might be like. hexology empowers people to bring digital information into the physical world without the use of the internet. So for people living in third-world developing countries; or working in disaster relief environments; or as a field worker in remote locations, this is how hexology can make a difference.

The Hidden Power of Identity

The Hidden Power of Identity

Many people think that this exchange, your data for free services, is a bad deal. As we begin to understand the power of data, for good and bad, there is a growing trend amongst many technology thought leaders that the time has come to give people back the hidden power of their identity.

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