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The amazing Sarah Jane Morris will be one of the first to trial hex at her gigs to give the fans who are there an extra bit of her magic to take home. @SarahJaneMorri3

Sarah-Jane rocked to stardom as a member of The Communards and has been wowing audiences ever since. Her artistic collaborations have built up a strong international following, particularly in Italy where she is massive.

You’ve got to be there to get it! That’s the message we gave Sarah-Jane and team over the phone, and in a subsequent meeting the following ideas bubbled to the surface.

So here’s the premise:

Sarah-Jane and her team have loaded their hex beacons with digital content and positioned them at various places around the venue, so when her fans walk in to the zone they pick up something special.

Hmmm.. what could that be???

  • Share a welcome message or an unreleased recording delivered via hex, only to those people waiting for the doors to open.
  • Whilst queuing at the bar you might pick up a stream of messages from Sarah-Jane who is preparing backstage, and to everyones surprise she writes a reply. Remember that this is only accessible to those people that are in the room!
  • Meanwhile, Sarah-Jane is able to get some feedback and her PR team can work the audience before the performance begins.
  • In other parts of the venue there are different bits of information available, if you go near the stage you can collect some images, and if you are standing at the back then you’ll pickup her lyrics. Now that’s Super-Mario collecting some coin!

Our conversation moved on, and then we came up with the idea that Sarah-Jane and her team could write some special content into the barcodes on some of their older LP’s.

There must be loads of her records floating around, and if you could access new content by scanning the barcode, then only those people with those records would get it.

Talk about breathing new life into recordings that are already out there – this would make them infinitely more valuable and collectable.

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