Elevate Innovation Hubs

by | Oct 27, 2018 | Networking

Innovation Hubs and Collaboration Spaces are locations teeming with people and ideas, seeking an opportunity to connect with one another.

Generating pathways for these networks to develop and grow is vital to the sustainability of a community, who need a super-connected platform to boost the visibility of their enterprise amongst peers and help build the connections they need.

Bringing people together is just the first step, yet for a community to bond the entrepreneurs, creatives and business specialists need ways to reach out and connect with one another, and this is where #hexology steps in.

Imagine a centre of innovation excellence where the narratives about the people in a community can be easily discovered when you walk into a space, effortlessly connecting you with the information about the people, their ideas and the opportunities they create in an efficient and effective way.

#hexology is a medium that empowers people with an ability to share narratives in a location for others to discover, when ever they are nearby; to create a super-connected premium experience. What if we could discover and get instantly plugged into the culture of a community as soon as we walk into a space, suddenly the location opens up to a world of new possibility, to become a hotspot for business leaders who need to maximise their time.

We envisage innovation centres enriched with the narratives of the Founders, Entrepreneurs and Investors, whose business cards and websites are floating in the air waiting to be discovered, enabling smart-networking, discovery and an exclusive information sharing experience. We believe it is an experience that has the potential to spark an exponential growth in an Entrepreneur Exchange.

Pushing the boundaries of technology and commerce, #hexology is pioneering a pathway into a near future where the boundaries of the digital world and the physical world are together as one, and it exists to transform the way we live.

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