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“Bringing Later Life to Life” is Auriens slogan!

They are imagining stylish luxury apartments in the heart of London for people in the later stages of life, their mission is to develop beautifully designed properties that will include world-class services and exceptional healthcare provision, delivered to premium hotel standards and beyond. It’s a development that celebrates retirement living, lifestyle and wellbeing!

Technology will play an important role in bringing this vision to life and to get the ball rolling hexology took part in a Hackathon, organised by Auriens, to create new ideas for the older generation. Seventeen teams were formed on the opening night and 48 hours later we were all standing in front of a panel of judges with our prototypes and pitch decks, talking about how our solutions could improve life for an Ageing community.

Here’s our big idea:

Hex – A first class concierge experience that adds a village feel to city living.

We put the Auriens member at the heart of our design thinking and imagined how our #hex beacon could enrich the quality of their life. Our presentation focused on the premise that #hex could be used to broadcast relevant information to people around them. So that the concierge at reception might get the prompt: Mrs. Eleanor James prefers to be called Ellie and likes to speak French.


  • Medical staff could get access to Ellie’s medical history
  • Others in the lounge could find out that Ellie enjoys knitting
  • And when Ellie is in her local coffee shop the staff could find out that Ellie has a nut allergy and should avoid certain foods

We promoted an idea that hex would enable a warmer community environment inside and out, where Auriens members could get an exclusive premium experience wherever they go.

To ensure that our idea was on track, we spoke to some Later Lifers who were asked by Auriens to come in and talk to us about our ideas, and through this consultation we came up with the Auriens edition of our #hex.

We made it bigger and heavier with a slightly curved surface around the edge so that it would be easier to pick up. Smaller than a modern car key and large enough to find in a handbag, the gold card finish makes a statement about the exclusive nature of the Auriens brand, that is synonymous with luxury, VIP status and sophistication.

With hex in your hand, people would know you and the building would know you too. When arriving at the front door the hex would be detected and the door would unlock, the lights could turn on and the heating adjusted.

Suddenly your world just got hexed!

Imagine a device that broadcasts information about you to the people around you wherever you go so that the people you interact with get the information they need, just by being in your presence. That’s #hex!

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