#hexal Tokens – Currency of Empowerment

by | Mar 23, 2019 | Blockchain, Developer Ecosystem, Fintech

Using #hex Beacon as a cryptocurrency hardware wallet is one of many ideas we’ve nurtured, and so is a plan to introduce our own digital currency. Born out of the simple realisation that #hex opens windows into digital worlds, and in that moment of discovery when people are connecting with you and your content, what if they could literally buy that t-shirt, artwork, product or service, right there and then in real-time, without having to touch or scan a thing.

Simplifying the process of discovering and making contact with people around you sets up the perfect moment to buy and sell content in a secure and frictionless way. For #hexology users, an integrated wallet inside our free app enables them to transform any location in to their own personal point of sale, make sales without the need to carry a bundle of cash; and so streamline every transaction into a seamless experience. Isn’t this a better way to live?

The #hexal Token launch is another First for #hexology, the app that empowers anyone to bring their digital media into the #physicalworld and share it with people around them, our plan to launch the #hexal token on the Stellar Blockchain is now in an advanced stage. It’s a development that enables #hexology users to buy and sell content in real-time and space whenever anyone comes into proximity, and a user scenario might go like this:

An individual has setup a pop-up shop and is using #hex to share information about their collection to people passing by. The message they create features images of the items on sale, for people to discover whenever they are in proximity. For the passer-by, the shopping experience starts with a media rich notification that pops-up inside the #hexology app, that guides them to a landing page where they have an option to buy an item in #hexal tokens, and the purchase is done with a click of a button, without the need to touch or scan a thing.

Simply put, #hexology empowers its users to send and receive #hexal tokens to one another using a wallet inside our free app, to create a completely new buying experience. Built on top of the trusted Stellar Blockchain, people will be able to add, send, receive and withdraw money from their #hexal token wallet, in a similar way to any other digital banking app.

Yet #hexology takes the contactless payment experience to a completely new level, there is no card, or a thing I have to touch or scan, with #hexology a buyer can make purchases, simply by being in proximity of the seller. Suddenly #hexology is not just about reaching out and connecting with people around you, it’s also a shopping, check-out and billing platform too. Simply put, the #hexal Token represents a transformational development for every creative independent seeking a way to monetise and live, a mobile life and engage people in the world around them.

And this is the thing, how use the #hexal token is completely up to you, use it to sell products, a service, or to unlock content or an experience inside the #hexology app.

Our belief and expectation is that eventually, cryptocurrency will become as mainstream and ubiquitous as USB, a trend evidenced by the growing presence of contactless payment systems or apps that enable you to make purchases through a smartphone. Perhaps the most exciting part of this development is that through #hexology, users can make transactions with a utility token that will increase in value over time as more participants enter the #hexology ecosystem. What’s more, the Stellar Blockchain has a built in exchange that allows #hexal token holders to cash in their token and withdraw it in any currency, including US Dollars.

“We’re about to publish our white paper and the scope of our vision is much bigger than you might first think.”

Guided always by a vision of empowerment, #hexology is transforming the world we live in by weaving connections between the online-digital-world and the #physicalworld. More than a technology, #hexology is a movement with a vision for the future that is much closer than you think. With plans to launch the #hexal token via an Initial Token Sale (ITS) during 2019, we’re about to publish our white paper and the scope of our vision is much bigger than you might first think.

Immersive Media Platform

Using Mobile Game Engine technology to empower XR Content Creators to publish, distribute and charge to view or participate in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality content, our free app is being rebuilt from the ground up to share immersive experiences.

Web Portal

To give our users an ability to login, create, manage and understand the impact of their content, we have designed a web portal that will be accessible to desktop users via a web browser interface. We’re imagining a scalable and powerful environment for content creators, developers and innovators to interact.

Software Development Kit

Enabling our community to (1) integrate the #hexal Wallet into other eco-systems, (2) build the #hex Beacon into their own systems and apps, (3) empower immersive content creators to create custom experiences inside the #hexology app and (4) enable the community to extend the scope of the platform by adding their own plugins and extensions, we plan to produce a Software Development Kit that gives innovators and developers the tools and support needed to realise their vision.

Decentralised Autonomous Organisation

Committed to maintaining an open and transparent movement, we’re planning to launch a framework for an open-source community that will be led and managed by the community, under the operation of a DAO Decentralised Autonomous Organisation. We think the DAO operation should evolve out of a consultation with the community rather than be predetermined, and so as part of our roadmap we will facilitate a 6 month consultation period when we will expose our designs and give the community an opportunity to influence the direction of the roadmap.


Triggered by events that we anticipate will occur at strategic points on a timeline we expect a market for innovators, developers and content creators will emerge, overlap and expand, to define 3 separate marketplaces that will support the different persona types. #hexology will in the early stages curate introductions between #hexal token holders and in this respect, we intend to nurture the development of the community by creating a framework for people to interact.

Initial Token Sale goes live in 2019 and with our white paper ready to be published.

Introducing #hexology to people for the first time, typically starts with a conversation about the #hex Beacon and how it enables people to bring their digital media into the #physicalworld wherever they go. It’s a story which has now been expanded to include the user experience of buying and selling content in real-time and space, via a secure digital currency that embraces the freedom to lead a truly mobile digital life.

Our Initial Token Sale goes live in 2019 and with our white paper ready to be published, we’ve only just begun to gear up for our campaign. Join #hexology, sign up to follow the news of our Token Sale and lets shape the future together.

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