Contact-free Human Interaction

Positive Social Impact

Moving ahead, from the jolt of COVID19, we have an opportunity to put society back together in a whole new way. It is a time for innovative visionary creatives like hexology, to rise and shine as we rebuild society so that it is fitter, stronger and better than ever before.

We are in an era that is leveraging the power of digital technology to gather and analyse data, so we can better understand, navigate and make sense of the world. COVID19 has shown us how data-driven insights empower leaders so they can make smarter decisions.

Enriching our world

Yet this does not justify the construction of surveillance technologies that turn society into a big brother state. Rather than strip data from the body of society, data should be lifted as a byproduct from the use of technology. Better if this technology adds to our culture, for the human experience will be more engaging and meaningful, and the data gathered richer.

At some point in the near future we will resume international travel and people will start to mingle, Human nature’s need to socialise is an instinctive force and will not change. Globalisation creates a need for intelligent systems to be built into the physical world, and Hexology is a new kind of social interaction that bridges the gap between the online digital world and the physical world.

Contact-free Human Interaction

Empowering people to share their digital media in objects, spaces and places for people to discover whenever they are nearby, Hexology enables people to access information, communicate and make connections in the physical world in a contactless way. More than a technical solution, Hexology tackles loneliness and isolation to promote well-being, community and a positive social impact.

Even our #hex Beacon, which is a bluetooth wearable device that enables you to broadcast content to people nearby, is also capable of being used to help maintain social distancing and contribute to any ‘contact track and trace’ effort.

Fast forward twelve months and imagine walking through the doors of an international exhibition centre. Suddenly, the ability to share content with people around you in a frictionless contact-free way becomes more relevant than ever before. So does the ability to deliver targeted messages to specific audiences, in a specific location at a specific time of the day.

With this capability certain types of events might open when they might otherwise remain closed, and with the detailed level of data Hexology will gather, the analytics and insights gained are of enormous commercial value to event organisers, exhibitors, sponsors and even public services.

Having envisaged, prototyped, and trialed our human-centred designs, Hexology has identified a wide range of applications for personal, commercial and social use.

The Time is Right

Coming at a time when our cities are growing and our population is increasing, we need to get smart about how we interact. With every interaction lies an opportunity to gather data and generate insight, so we can put society back together in a way that it is fitter, stronger and better than ever before.

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Positive Social Impact

Positive Social Impact

People are starting to suffer from loneliness, isolation and depression because of their addiction to social media and a lifestyle without any real social interaction. Whereas hexology empowers people to bring their digital media into the world, enabling them to reach out and connect with others around them to create location-based experiences, that bring people together.

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