Positive Social Impact

Positive Social Impact

Living in a society saturated with images, advertising and sponsored content, we watch TV, browse Facebook, Instagram and surf the net. Yet these are all passive experiences which many of us do from our homes without actually engaging with the world. Some of our young people are starting to suffer from loneliness, isolation and depression, because of their addiction to social media and a lifestyle without any real social interaction.

#hexology empowers people to bring their digital media into the world, enabling them to reach out and connect with others around them, to create location-based experiences that bring people together and a positive social impact.

Tech 4 Good

When new technology is coupled with strong business ethics a company can become an empowering force. Hexology utilises the latest cutting-edge technologies. Similar to other social media apps, Hexology enables the user to compose a message, add an image, video and audio. But instead of posting your message online, hexology enables you to post your content into an object, space or place. You might use a messaging app to chat with friends, but how do you reach out and communicate with people you don’t know?

This is where hexology steps in, it broadcasts your content, reaches out and connects you to people in proximity. Hexology enables you to discover who and what is going on around you, it plugs you into a community and speeds up the getting-to-know you part of meeting new people. Empowering people to bring their digital media into a real location for others to discover when they are nearby, Hexology might share a piece of information that helps those who struggle in social situations, to break-the-ice and start up a conversation. hexology brings a village feel to city life.

Talking to strangers makes you happy says Dr. Gillian Sandstrom of the University of Essex as it improves mental health.

The global population is increasing, we expect to live longer, cities are growing and the spaces within them are becoming more dense, we have to get smart about how we interact. Cities are made up of many layers of people working side by side and the energy that exists within those layers builds culture, and it’s exciting. Connecting people in specific locations builds communities, breaks down barriers and it can transport anyone to a place, space and a people they haven’t yet discovered – suddenly connecting you to a group of like-minded people who are in-the-know.

Smart Cities – Smart Living

It is not about posting content and checking it out. Instead, Hexology is all about discovering real active experiences and checking-in to a deliberate interaction in a place, at a time, with others. Hexology enables people to create and share peak experiences in real locations wherever they go, making it easier to find those experiences and the people that will lift up your mood, increase your real social circle and enrich your life, mental health, well-being and happiness.

Innovative, magical and disruptive, Hexology transforms Social Media into Situation Media, enabling real physical interactions, to create a positive social impact and a peak experience wherever you go.

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