Enabling Peak Experiences at Events with AI

Artificial Intelligence

Attending an Exhibition, Conference, Trade Show or event should be a peak experience, giving people access to new information, contacts and opportunities. Instead, events are becoming so big that the venues turn into a maze, the programme is an overload of overlapping events with not enough information or time to know which to attend. Your only guide is the programme and a floor plan to help you navigate your way. Unless you have taken the time to find out what is going on and have planned your day in advance, then your experience of an event might be filled with missed opportunities that may leave you feeling unproductive. In any case, a large majority simply “drift” through a venue once they have walked through the door. Yet what if you could transform your experience at an event with the help of an Artificial Intelligence that understands your motivation and environment, so that it can help you organise, match, record and maximise your time, to create a peak experience.

We are talking about a personal assistant that knows who and what is going on around you, and can curate relevant information that will help you achieve your goals. To put this into context, imagine an event where digital information is floating in the air around you, and in this media rich world, Artificial Intelligence is used to organise content and improve your experience at the event.

User Experience

Thinking always about the user experience and the interaction design, we are imagining a day when you might be walking around a trade show or an exhibition, and Watson is whispering information in your ear via your bluetooth headphones. It might say something like:

  • There is a person you might want to meet nearby
  • An event you might wish to attend is about to begin
  • Here is some background information on the keynote speaker
  • The company you are talking with share these synergies
  • The person you are looking for is at this location
  • Here is a transcript of the talk you just heard


Hexology is capable of creating this experience because of the unique data-driven insights Hexology will capture. Unlike any other media technology, Hexology brings digital media into the physical world to engage audiences in exclusive content that is written into real-locations.

Suddenly, your Hexology AI is more than a personal assistant, it is your personal research assistant that uses the real-time data analytics being gathered through the event, to help you be at the right place at the right time; meet the right people and ensure, that you have a peak experience and not a series of missed opportunities.

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