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by | Aug 27, 2020 | Vision

Central to our vision, the #hexology experience enables you to bring your digital self and physical self, into the world, together as one wherever you go. Instead of posting your content online, what if you could post your content into an object, a space or place. Using our free app and its companion #hex, #hexology is an empowering innovation that unlocks the potential to change the way we live.

Enabling a magical ability to bring our digital media in the world around us, the #hexology app is equipped with a familiar set of social features that gives the user with ways to create, share and and weave content into the fabric of the physical world.

Compose a message, add an image, video via YouTube and audio via Soundcloud, and your personalised profile is added to the content shared. Hexology automatically picks up content that has been published around you and locates it on a map, giving access to moderator controls, so that people can leave comments, add their own media and even report offensive content which helps us keep #hexology clean.

A built in QR and Barcode reader gives users command to read and write your own media into any QR code or Barcode. Whether you generate a QR code inside #hexology or hi-jack one that is already in circulation, adding your own media is quick and easy. #hexology gives everything you need to enrich any publication with your content.

Creating a collection inside #hexology gives the user their own place to drive audience engagement and build their own brand, and whenever anyone adds something new it automatically gets bumped to the top of your #hexology; and the conversation begins.

Our #hex Beacon has memory built-in to store your content and broadcast it to anyone within a 25m radius. Imagine digital aura around the #hex Beacon for the user to fill up with their digital media, and when anyone enters their aura they pickup the media stored inside.

Introducing a powerful set of features #hexology provides a portable framework with the flexibility to serve individuals from any walk of life. Armed with a unique capabilities, #hexology empowers you to promote yourself in a location, build a community, place digital narratives in real locations and share experiences.

Hexology specialises in reaching out and connecting with people in your vicinity that you don’t already know, or to build engagement with an audience at a specific location. Through #hexology, people will discover a community around them and through their participation, add to the expression of a localised culture.

Envisaged as a platform that will empower individuals with cutting-edge technology that enables them to punch way above their weight, #hexology has been created to support:

  • Shop keepers who want to build personalised experiences
  • Gallery owners who want to tell stories about their exhibits
  • Restaurants who want to share their creativity
  • Food providers who want to provenance their produce
  • Artists who want to create experiences and explore the potential
  • Musicians who want to build a following
  • Theatre groups who want to spread the word about their show
  • Meetup organisers who want to connect
  • Club owners who want to promote events
  • Pop-up activists who want a lightweight and mobile advertising platform

Hexology exists to empower the independent spirit that drives people to reach out, connect and engage others into a story about you, and what you do.

For anyone that wants to share digital media in the physical world, the #hexology experience is all about sharing content in a real locations. Integrated with a wearable widget, #hex broadcasts your content around you and shine wherever you go!

Do you enjoy trying & testing exciting new tech? 
As a beta tester, you’ll become an important part of #hexology’s development.

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