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Artists on stage want to give a performance that will be enjoyed and remembered, whether you’re a Musician, Singer, DJ, MC, Rapper or Poet, it’s in everyone’s interest to promote the event in advance so the house is full.

Advertising through popular media is one way to spread the word, yet everyone knows that a popular Artist with a big fan base pulls in larger audiences. So it really is up to the Artist to generate excitement amongst their community and build a following, so their performances are sold out wherever they go.

Generating a buzz is a crafty Art, social media plays a key role in helping communities stay connected, yet nothing compares to the word-of-mouth excitement traveling fast on the street, and this is where #hex steps in!

#hex puts the digital media you create online into the real physical world and it’s a power that you can use to great effect!

  • #hex for Artists on Stage

Sharing information with people around you might include a link to your press kit, fan page, website and a list of your tour dates.

Yet #hex can also be used to engage audiences whilst you are on stage, or at a meeting with fans at the back door. You might share an unpublished recording, lyrics for a new song, announce the location of an after show party or an invitation to meet up at a private bar. Sharing media of this type exclusively with those fans that are around you creates an incentive to come to your events and pickup your stuff.

  • #hex for Venue Owners and Promoters

Venue owners can use hex to broadcast their program of events to people walking by, offer discounts to anyone that buys a ticket from them directly. Putting exclusive media for people to pick up about an Artist in the foyer for people to pickup when they arrive, is one sure way to get people talking and trigger a buzz.

With #hex, event organisers can publish different forms of content in different locations in the building, so as you get closer too the stage you might discover content that gets you closer to the Artist.

It’s a game, and #hex gives you a valuable way to draw your audience into a magical world we call #hexology.

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Theatre Land of Opportunity

Theatre Land of Opportunity

Laying down a foundation of location-based digital content inside the theatre where people meet or interact is an exciting new way to engage audiences.

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