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by | Jun 24, 2018 | #hex Beacon, #hexian stories, Retail

Guzzl is an online food box subscription and food store in Brixton Village, South London. We sell a range of products from small independent producers – many of which are local.

My business depends on being known as a destination for great food. Whenever a customer enters the shop, I can tell them personally about what Guzzl is all about.

What #hex enables me to do is extend that narrative reach, communicating directly with potential customers who may not know Guzzl exists. That communication could be about special offers, or simply a narrative about a particular product.

I’m a former Journalist who decided to set up a food business, Journalism and retailing are obviously very different careers, but at the heart of each is the ability to communicate and tell compelling stories. #hex offers a fantastic way of enhancing that requirement. It’s a connection that helps us build loyalty and spread the word amongst those that pass through Brixton Village.

#hex enables me to reach out to customers before they enter or even see the shop, this might begin with a welcome message that guides them into our #hexology channel, where they can find out more about our products, promotions and any recipe ideas.

Sharing content created exclusively for our customers starts a special kind of relationship that builds a feeling of community, and #hex simplifies the process of making contact for the first time and starting that conversation.

The #hexology app is free and once installed, customers are able to access our media and take it away with them so that they can re-live it home. Whenever I publish anything new, then my media updates automatically for everyone, and we’ll be using #hexology alongside other social media too. Social media marketing is such a powerful tool and thanks to #hexology we’re gaining access to cutting-edge technology that allows us to punch way above our weight. #hexology gives me the power to target my marketing messages to a specific location in an affordable way.

Ultimately, hex connects us with people I might never normally reach and as the word spreads, we’ll be able to share news about our offers and promotions, build up our mailing lists and nurture a very personal customer relationship.

Do you enjoy trying & testing exciting new tech? 
As a beta tester, you’ll become an important part of #hexology’s development.

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