Immersive Storytelling

Intrigue & adventure awaits those who enter the hidden web, sign up online and the story begins with an email from a mysterious friend. Showcasing the latest cutting-edge technology of Brighton-based startup company Hexology, ‘The Hidden Web’ gives a glimpse into a near future that is being enabled and made accessible via the launch of this pioneering company. #hexology is free app, install it to your smartphone and you’re ready to go. Locate the clues hidden around Brighton & Hove, solve the puzzle and uncover a secret that will change the way you see the world forever!

This interactive event exists in the spaces between the digital and the real, you may discover it in a coffee cup, postcard, monument or park bench. Free to play, it will run throughout the duration of the festival and can be experienced anytime, although you should expect an unscheduled appearance.

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