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Sussex is full of writers, artists, poets and musicians, and the woods and Downs bear the footprints of the walkers who have plotted their novels and shared their yarns over hundreds – maybe thousands of years; Virginia Woolf, head down, marching across Mount Caburn; Shelley, strolling out of Chichester; Peter James pondering on his latest crime novel as he stepped out across the Weald – what whispers have they left behind?


What if those walks could tell their own stories? What if the GPS co-ordinates where a wooden stile along Woolf’s route from Rodmell to Charleston, could connect us via audio to her ramblings along the South Downs? 

What if Shelley’s stroll was reimagined by a modern Chichester novelist, the story stored in a QR code on a folly nearby, and accessed by the free #hexology app?

What if the Weald Way was embedded with the words of Peter James and hexed into a five bar gate, and played through our phones? 

What if walkers could add their own stories and interpretations back into hexology for generations of walkers to share?

Ghost stories, crime scenes, soundscapes of landscapes, guided walks just got into a whole new stride. Hexology is about imagining the way life could be and allowing the technology to create the magic. Getting out of the house is the first step.

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