Event Planning


Events created in venues, large or small, for people to exhibit and promote ideas, network and explore, are information rich environments that #hexology is geared up to transform into a peak experience.

Whether the aim is to bring people together and build a community, share information or engage people in a narrative, #hexology empowers event organisers, content creators, curators and exhibitors, with a powerful framework to publish content in locations and enrich the visitor experience.

It’s as simple as posting a tweet!

Posting your content into objects, spaces and places, engages audiences in a layer of digital content that exists inside a venue for people to discover. Imagine walking into a wine bar or restaurant, an event space, gallery or museum, and picking up stories about the food, wine, an exhibition, and even the exhibitors who are nearby. Picture a conference hall filled to capacity, or an Art gallery with only one exhibit, #hexology gives the tools to enrich these spaces with your digital media.

Hexology empowers venue owners, event organisers and content creators to place stories, and digital narratives inside their venues for visitors to explore and through this content, connect with the people around them as soon they walk into your world. The technology needed to create this kind of experience is normally setup by specialist companies who typically produce expensive bespoke installations. Yet using the free #hexology app, posting your content into the world is as simple as posting a tweet.

Building your own Brand

Creating a collection inside #hexology gives you a place to publish and build branded content for your audience. It’s a walled-garden that gives you and your audience a place to connect, take your content away and keep.

Simply put..

#hexology empowers you to enrich your venue with digital content, and you can do this using our free by yourself. For organisers of conferences, exhibitions and festivals, #hexology requires no technically-trained administrator or any additional infrastructure, it is instead designed to empower people organising, attending, exhibiting and even speaking or performing. whatever their journey.

For anyone looking for novel ways to put their stories into spaces and places #hexology has been created to enable people them to enrich their installations, exhibitions and events. We predict, that as the physical world around us gets smarter and more connected, we’ll expect more from the spaces and objects we visit.

It’s a vision of the future that need not be so faraway.

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