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by | Jan 4, 2018 | #hex Beacon, #hexian stories, Advertising

Today, Fintech is overflowing with new ideas, projects, companies and initiatives, it is a fast-moving sector that is going through radical change. It is also a community made up of different types of organisations, from Government Agencies to Private Banks and at the cutting-edge, is a new generation of entrepreneurs and small companies, and they are the ones that are leading the change.

The Fintech Times exists to give entrepreneurs and businesses with great ideas and incredible technology a voice. Telling their story raises their visibility and adds credibility to their projects, in an environment which is typically risk-averse. And believe me, there is no shortage of stories, we receive hundreds of emails everyday!

Our monthly newspaper is read by more than 60,000 people, with an even split between the paper and digital audience across the globe, and it’s growing!

The momentum and energy inside the Fintech sector is so strong that we want to popularise these amazing stories and make them mainstream. Hex helps me do that by enabling me to bring the stories we publish into the real physical world so that we can promote our paper and the people we represent.

Building our audience is an important part of what we do, and hex allows me to carry news around with me where ever I go. My days are typically made up of a succession of back to back meetings with entrepreneurs, investors, journalists and other industry professionals. Using hex, I am able to enrich these meetings by charging the atmosphere with bullet point headlines, giving me an opportunity to share our hottest and latest news. People can pick up the articles, read my profile and get a deeper insight into the newspaper and its ethos whenever we meet. It’s a narrative which ultimately ends with an invitation to subscribe!

Working in an open-plan environment in the heart of London’s Financial sector means that we are surrounded by other industry professionals, and #hex gives us a chance to reach out and connect with new people in the space and in the surrounding areas such as the lounge, the kitchen and bar.

An affordable low-cost technology, #hex empowers us to promote the paper in all of the spaces and places we frequent, I think of #hex as an instant pop-up stand.

We can literally enrich the places we distribute the paper version with digital media using hex, and once people connect, we can add them to our mailing list. Building partnerships with restaurants and coffee shops who are willing to mount hex inside their premises enables us to connect with their clientele and build a pure audience..

The Fintech Times is all about being innovative in the way we operate and #hex introduces a new standard in the way we communicate, and that is a valuable competitive edge.

Do you enjoy trying & testing exciting new tech? 
As a beta tester, you’ll become an important part of #hexology’s development.

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