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Launched at the Brighton and Hove Business Show on June 23rd 2022, Hexology was live to Exhibitors and Visitors inside the AMEX Stadium. Unlike any other Social Media, the Hexology launch event empowered everyone to post their digital media into real physical locations for all to discover, and in this moment of discovery, it connects you to people nearby.

Think about it:

  • How many times have you attended an Expo, trade show or an exhibition, without knowing who or what is going on around you, only to leave at the end of the day with the feeling that so much was missed?

  • If you go to an event with someone you know, you would probably communicate with them via text because they’re known to you, their contact details are in your address book. But how do you reach out to people you don’t know?

  • Instead of collecting all of the materials, brochures, flyers and business cards by hand, what if you could collect them all, simply by being in the room, with the exhibitors, at the event!

Hexology brings all of this information, and opportunity, to the surface. From the moment you arrive at the venue and walk through the door, Hexology is automatically collecting other people’s content that is floating in the air around you. No need to stuff your pockets with business cards. Hexology gathers every connection for you to take home, giving you a second chance to reach out and make contact with the person you missed at the event.

The Hexology Experience

Exhibitors and Visitors, posted their digital media into the Exhibition Space at the Brighton & Hove Business Show in three main ways.

  • The Event Organiser, Mike Monk, posted content into a GPS Location outside the entrance of the venue to put the event on the map, and greet people as they arrive.

  • Once inside a layer of user-generated content was floating in the air around you, giving everyone access to relevant content that updates when anything new is added. Links to exhibitor information, offers and practical information such as the Seminar timetable are all delivered via our own Bluetooth #hex Beacon technology, which is seamlessly integrated into the hexology app.

  • Scanning a QR Code opens featured posts or collections, just scan the QR code with your phone in the lobby and the app effortlessly installs and connects you to the whole event.

Our vision, of weaving digital media into objects, spaces and places inside the venue, to boost audience engagement and create an immersive peak experience, was validated and was without doubt a remarkable success.

The Day of the Business Show

Activity inside the app was high. The conversion rate was 47%. Although the Brighton and Hove Business Show is a small event, the platform received 2000 requests within the first hour and at its peak, received 2 requests per second.

A roller-banner was placed at reception with a QR code on display. Visitors scanned the QR code and within 30 seconds they were inside Hexology and engaging with content created by the Organiser and the Exhibitors.

The exhibition space was setup in the Mayo Wynne Baxter Room, hosting 68 exhibitor stands and 350 visitors. A space for Seminars in the Gap Solutions Room seated 50 people. 

The Design Brief

The model we constructed aimed to enhance the visitor experience as they arrive at the venue and move through the exhibition space, to create a location-based narrative.

Empowering every exhibitor to compose a message that introduces their business and post it into the exhibition space. Hexology is more than a platform for “push” advertising and marketing, Hexology is social. I can follow a source, share posts, add comments, report offensive content, build and promote my own personal profile or brand. #tip A Source is a location such as a Barcode on a Book, a GPS location, a QR Code or Hex Beacon, like the origin of a river, a source is a place from which all content flows.

I can see the benefit of the platform. Scrolling through the feed gives a real flavour of what each organisation is projecting at the visitors, meaning that relevant offers, messages and updates are easy to notice in a timely way, without having to divert to other platforms or websites.

Majda Ledder,

Exhibitor On-Boarding

An invitation to attend a webinar was sent to the exhibitors a month before the event. Following the webinar, a series of 3 emails were sent over a period of 3 weeks leading up to the event, guiding them through a series of simple steps that enabled them to build their content. Hexology created and managed all of the content on behalf of the event organiser.

The amount of exhibitor content produced ramped up as we got closer to the event and continued throughout the course of the exhibition day. Exhibitor feedback stated the app is intuitive to use, similar to Twitter or LinkedIn.

“Hexology is such an interesting and exciting piece of technology, allowing for digital discovery and sharing of important and educational information at specific locations and much more. I’m looking forward to seeing how the technology evolves as its potential implications for communities, tourism and accessibility could be extremely powerful.”

Alice Reeves,

Updates of the app are regularly released and our product development roadmap is full of goodies. In some ways Hexology may seem familiar, yet the experience is brand new.

If you would like to bring Hexology to your show, exhibition or your launch event, do not hesitate, contact us now.

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Enabling Exhibitors & Visitors to advertise, connect & engage in a location-based forum, hexology is powering the Sussex Business Show 2023.

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