First Impressions Count


Psychologists say, people make immediate judgements and decisions about one another when we meet for the first time, and once formed, these opinions are hard to change. Without doubt first impressions count!

Meeting people for the first time can be a challenge

In social situations Hexology takes the experience of meeting people for the first time to a completely new level. Posting your digital media into the world around you, gives people you meet an opportunity to base their initial understanding of your personality and character, and even your business, on the digital media they discover.

Writing your media into a location creates a window into your digital world and for people at the top of their game, Hexology enables them to fast-track the process of discovery process; evaluate the opportunity; network effectively and maximise their time.

Where as, for people who find social situations difficult Hexology can create a life-changing experience, as it provides them with enough information to help them feel confident about making first contact, or to construct a profile that gives them control over the image they project to people around them.

You’re in control of the information you share, and you decide what, where and when you share it. For some, Hexology is a business card and for others it’s a conversation ice-breaker. So even if you’re having a bad day the people around you will pick up your content and that will become the first impression they’ll remember.

In a world where our attention-span is decreasing and our digital presence plays such a big part of our lives, Hexology gives people a chance to connect with one another in a much fuller and deeper way. Empowering you to make your first impressions count!

Hexology at Events

How many times have you been to an exhibition, trade show or an event, without knowing who, where and what is going on around you. Hexology brings all of your content to the surface, for everyone to pickup, discover, collect and review; keeping you connected, during and even after the event.

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Smarter Networking

Smarter Networking

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Connecting People

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