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Community Building

Empowering communities at events who gather around a particular interest is a perfect match for #hexology.

Equestrians are for example, passionate and perhaps even bewitched by the magic and mystery of the horses they raise. What if – the magic and mystery of the stories they tell were floating in the air around you, waiting to be discovered as you walk around an event.

Perhaps you are (1) an owner whose horse is up for sale, (2) a tradesman with a range of products or (3) a groom looking for employment. Imagine an ability to pick up the stories people want to share simply by being near them. Stories about:

  • Pedigree
  • Achievements and awards
  • Contact information
  • Services
  • Needs

Using the free #hexology app, sharing information in the world around you, is a lot like posting a tweet. You compose a message, add an image, audio or video and instead of posting the message online it is written into an object, space or place.

To understand the technology that brings the magic of #hexology to life, lets talk about two of the location-based tagging methods we use.

#hex Beacon

Seamlessly integrated into the #hexology app is a wearable device no bigger than a small pebble. With memory built-in #hex stores the messages you create and broadcasts them in a 25 metre radius. #hex is a busy little thing, quietly advertising itself to people in proximity and then sharing the information it has inside.

I describe #hex as a digital aura that I carry where ever I go; in my pocket, on a key ring or even around my neck; and whenever anyone comes into it’s aura they pick up the message inside; and the amazing this it’s a frictionless interaction, you don’t have to touch or scan a thing.

NFC Implantable Chip

Where as an NFC Implantable Chip inserted into the mane or neck of your horse gives the horse a unique digital address or identity that can store information that you control. Using the hexology app on your smartphone you can scan the NFC implant and pick up the information stored inside.

#hex Beacon and NFC are only two out of the 6 primary tagging methods #hexology uses to engage people in a new kind of social interaction, which we call #SituationMedia. Content that is framed by the context of being in a particular time and place reflects the situation, and you add your like, share it with friends or post in other social networks in exactly the same way as you would with other social networks.

Yet this is only the beginning, #hexology is capable of so much more. It can:

  • tell you who or what is nearby
  • where people are
  • what content is shared the most
  • which horse generated the most interest
  • what time of the day was the event at its busiest

Introducing AI

Data driven insights like these, empower people to make better smarter decisions, and using Artificial Intelligence to curate relevant content and give real-time feedback, we are building a more personalised user experience.

Driven always by a human centred design approach to create a user experience that has real value and meaning, we are building on the latest cutting-edge technologies. Situated at the heart of this stack of technologies is the Blockchain, a secure immutable ledger that keeps a record of all the information stored.

Secure Data

Blockchain technology is revolutionising the way we store data, keep records and track activity. Instead of storing information in a central location that is controlled by one entity, like a Bank, the information is distributed across a network that is owned by a community. The information is just as secure as locking it up in a Vault, yet the democratisation created by this shift is changing society at an incredible pace.

Inserting the power of the Blockchain into #hexology and if using it to empower an Equestrian community, an opportunity emerges to transform the way we interact emerges. Thinking it through you could write:

  • horse provenance history in the horse; who owned it; family blood lines and heritage
  • medical history linked to treatment and drugs can stay with a horse throughout its lifetime
  • Horses can be traded and all of their records updated automatically, recorded and paid for on the blockchain

Other related horse memorabilia including accessories, digital images, videos, pictures evidence of interactions can also be turned into a digital assets and traded.

Empowering people to bring their digital media into the #physical world, #hexology is all about creating a peak experience wherever you go, breaking down the barriers that exist between people and enabling them to plug into a community and instantly feel that you belong.

Welcome to #hexology!

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