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Participation in Brighton Digital Festival has been fun. The launch page recieved over 500 hits on the day that the Festival guide was published. Over a 100 people signed up in the week leading up to the launch and that number increased steadily, to more than 200 throughout the four week duration of the event.


@unlockhiddenweb and a Facebook page was created to tell the story of Jude Leck, and on the first day that the Festival started we published this Film.

Clues were hidden around Brighton & Hove, using hex-app players were tasked with the mission of solving the puzzle to locate the clue that triggered promotion to the next level in the story.


Interest in the event spread when we announced that we were giving away a hex as a prize to those that found the clue.


And when we started to name the winners in our You Tube films The Hidden Web really started to take off.


Congratiulations to, Cathy Frankland, Paul Saunders, Bionic & Katie Piatt, who solved the clues and have all won a hex. Special mention to Katie Piatt who wrote my favourite tweet:

Got you

The Hidden Web has been fun and a great way for us to Beta Test hex-app in a real-world trial. Only a couple of things outstanding>

  1. Bionic, can you please get in touch?
  2. Wolsam where are you? I bet you thought he was fiction.
  3. Jude Leck says > she’ll be back.

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