We’ve become radioheads over at hexology HQ. Well, if we can put things in objects and places with hexology, why can’t we put hour long documentaries in a QR code on a big yellow bus making its way to Calais?

Refugees looking for a little warmth can at least feel the love and practise their English, whilst we transport them back to their childhood – holding hands over the airwaves with our own Syrian community in Brighton.

So we teamed up with RadioReverb, Brighton’s fabulous community radio station and lo! a radio series was born. Looking behind the word ‘migrant’, we decided to peek behind the curtains of some of our favourite Syrian neighbours, and, like a bunch of Bisto kids, we followed the smell of cumin and cardamom to find out what they call home.

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Positive Social Impact

Positive Social Impact

People are starting to suffer from loneliness, isolation and depression because of their addiction to social media and a lifestyle without any real social interaction. Whereas hexology empowers people to bring their digital media into the world, enabling them to reach out and connect with others around them to create location-based experiences, that bring people together.

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