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by | Apr 24, 2019 | Artificial Intelligence, Developer Ecosystem

Artificial Intelligence makes sense for #hexology because it adds to the user experience. So when the opportunity to work with IBM emerged we did not hesitate. Our first meeting with the IBM team in the UK lasted five and a half hours. The conversation was literally charged and overflowing with ideas!

Now that #hexology is an IBM Business Partner it feels like a good time to break the news and talk about the work we are doing together. Needless to say, the conversation we are having with the IBM Artificial Intelligence team is enabling. It’s a dialogue fuelled by our vision of #hexology and how it enhances our experience of being in the #physicalworld.

Guiding the development of technology is a user centred design that seeks to transform every moment into a peak experience. Our goal is to train the Artificial Intelligence technology to understand your environment and motivation for being there; which in turn, enables hexology to curate relevant content that enhances your experience of being in a specific location.

About Watson

IBM’s Artificial Intelligence Technology, Watson, is a tiered developer environment that gives a powerful set of tools. The highest level gives access to a set of applications that are fully built and easy to implement. Whereas, at the lowest level Watson opens up a core set of programs that drive the application. In the case of the chatbot application for example, those core programs are the Natural Language Processing (API’s). This architecture gives #hexology access to all parts of the technology stack, so that we can optimise the parts we want to our advantage.

About Cloudant

Watson formats the output it produces into a generic text-based data file which #hexology stores. When we looked closely at IBM Cloud we spotted Cloudant, which is IBM’s version of Apache’s open-source CouchDB database. Selected for its ease of use, focus on scalability and robust data management capabilities; we are building on Cloudant and we are in touch with the IBM Cloudant engineering team.

About #hexology, IBM & Imperial College

Apart from building technology, #hexology is also building a relationship with IBM. In this respect, #hexology is also proud to announce a collaboration project between IBM, #hexology and Imperial College London. This collaboration has been setup to develop the proof of concept prototype of the Artificial Intelligence module we want to create.

Without doubt, #hexology is generating know-how, technology and a real opportunity to realise a vision; which will ultimately enable you to bring your digital media into the #physicalworld. #hexology is all about empowering people to reach out, connect and share information in a real location; and IBM Watson will surely enrich that experience.

This is a partnership that will open up multiple opportunities; and given IBM’s international presence, these opportunities will span the globe.

Looking forward to writing up more about the work we are doing and how our journey with IBM unfolds.

Thank you IBM!

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