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Positive Social Impact

Thinking about the organisations we want to work with, the people we would like to help, the changes that we want to see in the world and how #hexology can make a difference in a meaningful way, we started to ask how a Charity, Humanitarian & Not-For-Profit organisation might use #hexology?

  • Share your digital media in a location

Imagine raising awareness of your cause by sharing digital media in the real physical world. Perhaps you intend to reach out to people in the high street or leave messages in remote locations. #hex communicates using low-power bluetooth without the use of the internet, whether it’s news, public information or local advice, reach out and connect with the people in the world around you wherever you go!

  • Sharing digital media in an object

Imagine storing the instructions to a water purifier kit in a digital form for people to discover when ever they approach the object, simply scan the #hex built into the object and pick up the know-how in any language.

  • Analytics

#hexology keeps a count of every time a #hex is scanned. If you are in the business of promoting a cause then you can measure the effectiveness of your campaign. Maybe the message is lost, hidden or unnoticed, or perhaps not fully understood. Feedback enables decision-makers to optimise the performance of their campaign so that they can maximise their impact.

These examples highlight only a couple of the many opportunities #hex can be used to raise awareness, save money or increase the impact of your campaign. If this is of interest, please do get in touch so that we can share our ideas, beliefs and discuss the potential. It’s what we can do to show that we want to change the world too!

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Positive Social Impact

Positive Social Impact

People are starting to suffer from loneliness, isolation and depression because of their addiction to social media and a lifestyle without any real social interaction. Whereas hexology empowers people to bring their digital media into the world, enabling them to reach out and connect with others around them to create location-based experiences, that bring people together.

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