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Experience Ashley Bowen’s tour of Brighton and see how the Everynet will provide a community-based Internet of Things network to improve city life.

Imagine how city life could be improved if a community-led Internet of Things network became a reality. Ashley Bowen of the Everynet shares his vision on how the Education, Industry, Healthcare and other private, public and industrial sectors, would benefit from a network that seeks to aggregate city data and make it public.

Along with about 200 other cities around the world, a group of volunteers are currently setting up a community managed internet of things (IOT) platform across the City of Brighton and Hove. Named the Brighton Everynet, the platform allows Brighton citizens to monitor and measure the environment we live in.

Using #hexology Ashley built a virtual tour that starts at the i360 in Brighton, where people can pickup an introduction to the tour. The online mobile location-based tour will guide you around the streets of Brighton where you will be able to collect Ashley’s articles when you arrive at the location where they are stored. There are 11 stops in total and each location has been selected to highlight how the internet of things could be used at that location.

It’s a vision of the future and using #hexology, the Everynet vision is being brought to life. Thanks to Ashley Bowen & Bill Harpley who runs Brighton’s IoT Network for setting up the virtual tour.

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