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At #hexology, we’re empowering communities with an ability to enrich the world around them with digital media for people to discover in an object, space or place.


  • Picking up information through my smartphone about an event as soon as I walk through the door – in other words, the information is floating in the air inside the venue – waiting to be discovered!
  • I might share a video, a program guide or links to my facebook page or website, and when the event is over I can update the information shared so that the event lives on long after it is over.

In your hands, the free #hexology app can deliver so many different kinds of experiences, and the advantages it offers event organisers are incredible.

  • Using #hexology to publish information about the event in the GPS co-ordinates of the venue, helps audiences discover the event and direct them to the venue via the built-in map.
  • Sharing a deeper level of information inside the venue, enables audiences to access content that is waiting for them when they arrive, and participate in streams of conversation that exists inside the venue.
  • #hexology enables event organisers to measure audience engagement, find out how many people attended and much, much more.

#hexology boosts engagement in your event by giving audiences access to different types of digital media in different types of locations, so whether you’re a theatre owner or a busker on the street, you have the power to enrich your stage where ever it maybe.

Brand your own #hexology channel

Creating your own channel inside #hexology helps build your brand and connect with people in your space, that you would not normally reach!

Connecting your online digital world with the real

#hexology is an experience that connects the online world with the real. It gives event organisers, venue owners, artists and audiences a unique experience that exists in the real physical world. If you are a decision-maker then the insights you can gain through the data gathered will give you the information needed to further develop relationships with Sponsors, Investors and other interested parties.

We started #hexology because we wanted to give people a voice and the technology we developed fulfils that promise and so much more.

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Launch Event

Launch Event

Unlike any other Social Media, the Hexology launch Event empowered everyone to post their digital media into real physical locations for all to discover.

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