Inspired by the vision of a world energised by a wave of Digital Information floating in the air around us, #hexology empowers you to post our online content into real locations.

Our ideas and language have evolved out of the knowledge that #hexology is more than a technology platform , it is an experience, a kind of digital magic that connects us all through the discovery of digital content we publish in the world!

We call it #hexology to project the study, or branch of knowledge in the art of #hexing. By definition, a hex is a charm or spell, yet in our vernacular, we use the term to #hex as a verb, to imply the art of posting content into the physical world.

It’s a kind of digital magic!

Reading and writing your media into #hex Beacon is one way you can bring your media into the world. In fact, #hexology also enables you to read and write your media into outdoor locations, for people to pick up when they enter a specific GPS location.

Posting digital media you into objects, spaces or places using our free app, transforms the art of sharing content in the physical world, into a social activity.

Placing your digital media in real locations, gives the opportunity to discover content that is contextually relevant to a specific location, creates a peak experiences wherever you go.

Use #hexology to:

  • Promote ideas, events and activities
  • Create narratives in an object, space or place
  • Reach out and connect with the people around
  • Build communities
  • Share experiences

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#hexology Experience

#hexology Experience

Empowering you to bring your digital self and physical self into the physical world together as one is central to our...

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