#hexing Heather Buckley

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Experience Heather Buckley’s photographic exhibition in the physical world by going to the location where her images are stored. Heather celebrates life in Brighton with photographs taken at events such as Brighton Pride, Fringe Festival, Naked Bike Ride & more.

Heather Buckley has been capturing the spirit of Brighton for years. More than most local photographers, she gets the essence of who we are; magical, transformative, transgressive, disruptive. hexology is a social movement born out of the love, laughter, free thinking and creative spark that Heather has captured so fabulously in her photography.

To access Heather’s photographs install our free app and simply go to the locations where they are stored. To find out more about Heather’s virtual location-based exhibition – contact us.

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Theatre Land of Opportunity

Theatre Land of Opportunity

Laying down a foundation of location-based digital content inside the theatre where people meet or interact is an exciting new way to engage audiences.

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